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Jul 11, 2010 10:15 AM

Kauai Plum Harvest

Saw this in the Star-Advertiser

Anyone want to explain/elaborate?

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  1. When I worked the company I was employed by had a cabin up at Kokee, the plum season was the hardest time to get a reservation for as everyone loved the plums and picking them.
    They' come back and make jam and jelly and such which was delicious. It's a very popular time up there! I unfortunately never got a res. to go up and pick myself had to settle for
    other months which weren't bad though! Beautiful up there as you may know.

    1. I go plum picking ever year. It's a really popular thing to do here. You don't need to have a reservation for a cabin, you just gotta know where to get the plums. Kokee plums are a lot smaller than regular plums (half the size at least) but taste like plums. We got a few buckets worth and eat them plain. My friend went early (illegally) and made ume boshi. Last year, we picked literally on the side of the road, near the Kalalau overlook. This year we went off roading near some trail. We made a day of it, had a picnic and went with lots of friends and family.

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        You're right about not needing a reservation however in my case since my company had one it was the place we would stay if we could go for picking! Lucky you!