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Beacon's blessings...

On our way to an art show in another town, we ventured to Beacon, NY, for a bite. We found Poppy's Burgers (http://www.poppyburger.com/Poppys_Bur...) - amazing, local grass-fed burgers with awesome cheese, diced red onion and tasty buns. I also added a slice of gorgeous tomato to my burger, and it was perfect. Helped keep the bottom of my bun from getting soggy! That burger was juicy, delicious and had almost a "sweet" taste to it. Fresh, tasty fries, too! Yum. Great place. Wish it was closer to home. And my SO was delighted to find bottled Coke with real sugar.

We meandered down the street and found Zora Dora's (http://www.zoradora.com/Zora_Doras_Mi...), which is basically a popsicle shop, but to just call it that would be an understatement. It's an AMAZING popsicle shop. The flavors are unusual and awesome and I had such a hard time deciding. Eventually landed on the Pineapple Lime Chili Sea salt, although I almost went with the Cucumber Mint Chili (or something like that!) Other flavors included Papaya Cantaloupe Mint, Passionfruit Mango Strawberry, Watermelon Mango Ginger. They also do cream-y ones like Cookies 'n Cream, Thai Tea, Pina Colada, Dulce de Leche and Chocolatey Chocolate, etc. Again, this is a place I wish was closer to home because I want to try more flavors. So unique and inventive. Perfect for a summer day. Flavors change and rotate daily... but they had a LOT of flavors on the board!

Beacon is lucky to have these two great places. I'm jealous!

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  1. Love, love, LOVE both of these places.

    1. O my goodness!!! Love both these places. Especially Poppy's! Best burger I have ever had!

      1. Poppy's Burger sounds good, I'll have to recommend them to our upstate friends next time we dine together.

        Have you tried Brothers Trattoria in Beacon? It's a very good Italian restaurant. Try it next time you pass through.

        Interesting on Zora Dora, it sounds like the paleterias that are all over Westchester and beloved by some.

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            Ha! That was my second choice, but SO wanted a burger! :-)

          2. Thanks for the post - I'm going to be in Beacon next weekend, so I'll definitely check these two places out!

            1. zora dora's was excellent! i went there on saturday and ended up getting two popsicles. i had the absolutely delicious coconut lime paleta right after lunch. i'm usually a little wary about coconut lime flavored desserts because they can taste really artificial, but this was just perfect. i stopped by there with friends right before dinner (it was closing, so who am i to argue about having dessert before a meal?). i had the citrus sunrise, which was great as well. one of my friends tried the cucumber mint chili (she loved it...said it wasn't too spicy at all) and my other friend thoroughly enjoyed her orange raspberry paleta. i'm planning to bring my daughter to zora dora's this week before we go to the dia. what a great summer dessert. thanks for the heads up, saturngrrl!

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                i've seen zora's by the waterway over the hudson on a saturday afternoon...

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                  very cool...now that they're starting the farmers' market on wednesdays, maybe they'll be a constant fixture. that would be great.

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                  Glad you enjoyed! I really need to get back there... soon!! Coconut lime sounds great!

                3. I had to post about our amazing experience at Poppy's. I have been purchasing Kiernan beef for years now at the local farmers' markets in Westchester. I LOVE them! This restaurant is amazing publicity for them. The burgers are great. They are 1/4 #ers, which is just fine for me (they sell bigger ones at the farmers' market and while I love them they are a tad TOO big), and cooked juicy and flavorful. I got the Egghead, which elevated it to a whole other level with a fried egg on top, plus cheese, tomato, and lettuce. My bf's bbq bacon had amazing crispy bacon on it. Our non meat eating friend had a special of falafel sliders, which were tasty and seasoned well. Sweet potato chips trumped the fries, which were a little inconsistent (some soggy, some crisp). I'm going to be back here for sure!

                  Zora Dora's was closed, so we got Jane's Ice Cream at the Beacon Creamery in huge waffle cones. Kiernan burgers and Jane's Ice Cream.... Eating heaven.

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                    I adore hearing great reviews of Poppy's! Zora Dora's closes around 6 or 7, something like that, which seems odd to me (at least during the summer, b/c they close at that time then also), but I guess he doesn't have the means/staffing to stay open later.