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Jul 11, 2010 09:29 AM

shrimp flavored noodles in Chinatown?


I'm planning on visiting Chinatown this week and was looking for recommendations on high quality shrimp flavored noodles. On my last trip about 4 years ago I found Sao Tao shrimp flavored noodles that came in a fancy box. I loved them but I heard they are no longer sold in the fancy box and the quality has gone down.


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  1. IMHO, i think 錦華坊(Kam Wah Fong) tastes better than Sao Tao Brand.
    one tip: make sure you see shimp roes on the noodle (little black dots) for real shimp roe noodle :)

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    1. re: capriana94555

      Do you know where I can find Kam Wah Fong noodles? I found a plastic container of Sao Tao noodles which I will give a try.

          1. re: capriana94555

            I'll try the Ranch 99 in San Diego. We are staying near Chinatown without a car and it looks like the closest one is in Daly City...

      1. Shrimp roe noodles are one of my favorite things. But the roe is rare and really picey (saw some at one Oakland dried seafood store for 80 dollars a pound. So do not thing you will be getting a lot at your noodles.

        My recommedation unless you know a chef who will custom make the noodles for you is to start to make a simple noodles buy some shrimp roe if you can find it and make you own. Two years ago while visit a cousin who had soem shrimp we had a noodle making party and it was something special when we add more roe for the borth.

        I will check on this post to see if you fine one. I am therel

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        1. re: yimster

          Thanks for the tip. Do they sell it in Chinatown?

          1. re: surfer1966

            Doing not at the moment remember where but when I see it again I will post. I think I know where but as my normal SOP I can find the store but do not remember the name. It is in Oakland. I will check it out only if Oakjoan does not know I am in town. :>)

            1. re: surfer1966

              Drove by Oakland Chinatown yesterday but did not stop since I could not fine a parking spot but the store I remember see it at (a few years ago) was a dried seafood and mushroom store at the Bill Louie Corner on 8th and Webster. Seafood something was the name. reading while driving.

              So it an lead. Now if you get the ingredient you have to some a chef who will make it for you.

              Good Luck.

              1. re: yimster

                Pacific Seafood Trading Co.
                800 Franklin St.
                Oaktown, Ca.
                (510) 834-8898

                1. re: shanghaikid

                  Thanks for the info! I gotta go back to San Diego today so a trip to Oaktown is not in the cards.

                  1. re: surfer1966

                    You can try finding it at Asian dired seafood shops. The item is a little too pricey for 99Ranch. But if there like I said a dried seafood product shop they may have it.

            2. re: yimster

              used to eat shrimp noodle a lot. a while ago found that all of the brands carried by places like 99 contains MSG or variations like autolyzed yeast extract, which kinda turned me off. stuck to simple white noodle since but craving the good old shrimp noodle.

              yimster, got any good recipe for making shrimp noodle?

              or, are there any shrimp noodles without MSG?

              1. re: ckshen

                Wish I did, can not make noodles. Sorry