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How do you 'Gussy Up' your Frozen Waffle?

I like to slather gobbs of cold butter on a hot waffle with a banana, blueberries and blackberries with generic non maple syrup..

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  1. I spread on TJ's valencia peanut butter, slice a banana over that, and sprinkle on some cinnamon.

    1. Nutella, Cool Whip and chopped walnuts (or slivered almonds)

      1. Butter, the thickest apple sauce I can find, and a tiny drizzle of syrup.

        1. SO likes butter pecan ice cream, sandwiched between two toasted Eggos.

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            I just sent my boyfriend to the store for me . . . the list had two things tacked on there at the end. I plan on quartering my waffles, then use the butter pecan as a spread.

          2. A friend of mine eats Eggo with sour cream every night before bed. She even brings frozen eggos and a toaster with her when she goes away so she can make sure she eats them every night.

            As for me, I would first make my own waffle and freeze them. I would have fresh strawberry, strawberry sauce, and whipped cream all over it.

            1. Yuzu Marmalade (also known as Citron Tea at Little Tokyo Market) and Chevre - I eat it like a sandwich.

              I'm out of Yuzu Marmalade, so yesterday I had sliced Figs instead.

              Other than that, I usually eat them straight out of the toaster with nothing on them.

                1. I like them with apple butter or jam for breakfast.

                  1. Nutella...whomever invented this heaven sent bomb of goodness should receive the Nobel Peace Prize!

                    1. depends on who they're for...

                      almond butter, maple syrup and fleur de sel

                      apple butter and brown sugar syrup

                      ricotta, parmesan, and sundried tomato tapenade and basil chiffonade

                      greek yogurt and rhubarb compote

                      for me though, if i could have em... i want salted butter and maple syrup. that's really it. (and maybe some streusel on a couple of bites. maybe.)