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Jul 11, 2010 07:58 AM

Moving to Jackson, MS - looking for local food sources

I am moving to Jackson this week, and I am trying to ferret out some locally produced food. Anyone a member of a CSA in thearea? I am also curious about the farmers markets and am on the lookout for out-of-the-way rouadside stands. I read about a place called Stan's County Store in Batesville - I am interested their prok products - anyone tried them yet?

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  1. What is CSA. Jackson has the best Farmer's Market in the state but there's small farmer's markets in many cities in MS. Click on this link for the Jackson market off HIgh St. W of I55 near the Coliseum. There's a link on this page for other markets in MS. Ask when you get there if Doris Berry still has a vegetable stand there now. Her daughter Nell would probably be running it as Ms. Berry was pretty old the last time I saw her. Now's the time to load up on everything. Watermelons, corn, squash, peas and everything. One thing they have in S MS is lady peas which is like a small green pea my wife loves.

    The best grocery store in Jackson is Fresh Market N of Jackson on W side of I 55 near Madison.

    What kind of pork products are you looking for. I have been to Stans several times but I only bought beef. I would imagine you could find similar products in Jackson as Stans is over 100 miles N of Jackson. It's actually betwen Batesville and Oxford on the N side of Hwy. 278.

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      CSA in this case means "Community Supported Agriculture" - when you purchase a 'share' of the farmer's harvest, and you (usually) weekly get a box with a variety of what was freshly picked. My family has done that for a few years. Wonderful.

      Rebecca, you may want to spend a little time looking over also. It lists Mississippi CSAs along with Farmers' Markets, family farms, etc.

      Congratulations on your move to Jackson!

      1. re: deepfriedkudzu

        Dear DFK-
        Thanks for the reminder about Local Harvest. I am (was) a member of a CSA in Bham (Snows Bend - I am SO going to miss them), and they are on Local Harvest. BTW, I checked out your site today - fabulous! Your work on Etsy is beautiufl, too.

      2. re: Littleman

        Dear Littleman-
        Thanks for the response...especially the information about the lady peas - I LOVE them! I'll have to buy a bunch and put them up for the winter.

        As for pork...I am looking for anything that is nitrate-free. My husband has gout, and we have to be very careful about the sausage and bacon we buy.

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          The Berry's still have a stand at the Farmer's Market off West Street across the street from the Stadium. I go there frequently. I've never shopped the produce at the High Street Farmer's Market but if the Cafe is any indication, it is terrible.

          Farmer's Market
          6581 U S Highway 49, Hattiesburg, MS 39401

          1. re: JaneWinston

            Thanks JW. I knew Ms. Berry had a place at the Market W of the stadium but I thought they made them all move to High St.and closed the one near the stadium. I suppose they now have 2 different markets in that area. I'm glad to know this. I would have gone to High St. I have her phone #. I will go to the old market next time.

            Do you live in Jackson. I see you posting quite often. Nice to have a fellow CH around Jackson. I'm from Cleveland, MS. Thanks again.

            1. re: Littleman

              Yes. I live in Jackson and post mostly about my faves Spice Avenue and La Guadelupe because I'll be damned if I have to live in this crime-ridden horror of a city without good Indian and Mexican food. (My street has lately been the site of some illegal personal care homes run by scam artists which would explain my current bitterness).
              We ate at Local 463, Derek Emerson's new place in Madison (at the former Atlantica spot) the other night. The short ribs were terrific but I have a soft spot for short ribs.

              Spice Avenue
              4711 I 55 N, Jackson, MS 39206

        2. There's a place in Florence, MS that makes the best smoked sausage in the country. They are a full time meat processing facility with a store selling all kinds of food products. You will find everything you need there so you will not need to drive to Stan's but do go one day as it's a nice store but nothing like Country Meat Packer's. It's located S of Jackson on Hwy. 49 a mile S of Florence and S of Jery's Catfish House. They are a full time retail meat store with all kinds of meat including the smoked sausage. Good luck.

          Country Meat Packer's @ 3330 Highway 49 S., Florence, MS 601 - 845 - 0869.

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          1. re: Littleman

            Awesome! I'll check it out (and the smoked sausage) when I get to town.

          2. On 49 South at Richland look for Wrights Produce/Fruit Stand...You can't miss it.
            Further South 2-3 miles on 49 past Jerry's Fish House(it, Jerry's looks like and Igloo) You will find Donna's Fruit stand...Always has a good selection of local products. Fresh produce, local honeys, etc. They also make their own ice cream...Be sure to enjoy and cup/cone inside before you head back to Jackson..You will also find at Wrights, and Donna's Chilton County Alabama peaches very nice right now. If you're into Fried Mississippi Farm Raised Catfish and all the trimmings...Jerry's does a good job...You can stop buy the Country Meat Packers if you want...However I can't recommend their products anymore..When they moved from Pealahatchie they changed their sausage formula ...They say not....but they did! ~~~ On 55 South at Byram there is a "Farmer's Market" ....The few times I've been in they were hit and miss on freshness. Further South at the 2nd Crystal Springs exit you'll find Wilson's Meat House...Family owned, Producers, Slaughter House, Retailer of all things pork....Some beef, and poultry...My current favorite smoked sausage...Hot or mild comes from there...Look around they will have other locally produced products...fresh corn meal, etc. on display...Never know what you may see...HTH.....

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            1. re: Uncle Bob

              Uncle Bob,
              Thanks for the tips. I had read about Jerry's Fish House on Urban Spoon, and it is on my list try...I think my toddler son will L-O-V-E eating in an igloo. I'll check out Donna's, too. Wilson's Meat House sounds intriguing...I'll add it to my list, too. I'm getting more and more excited about my move to Jackson. LOTS of culinary history. I plan on heading up the Tamale Trail ASAP!

              1. re: rebadiva

                If you take the tamale trail you will come through my home town in Rosedale to eat at Joe's White Front Cafe. I live in Cleveland now so you will be there too at Airport Grocery and also Doe's in Greenville which is 30 miles S of Rosedale and Hick's in Clarksdale which is 30 miles N of Rosedale. Good luck and enjoy MS.

                Airport Grocery
                3806 Highway 61 N, Cleveland, MS 38732

              2. re: Uncle Bob

                Here's a link from someone's blog about Wilson's. I forgot about that place. I have been through CS a hundred times and never knew it was there. You get off I 55 at Exit 72 then go E to Hwy. 51 and go S to Wilson's at 23086 Hwy. 51 S. about a mile.


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                  I'll second the Wilson's Meat House recommendation. And I'll fill in JaneWinston's blank about the Farmer's Market on High Street by saying most of the produce there is very good. I only go on Saturday mornings, but I believe some of the vendors are also there on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I also agree with JW's characterization of the Farmer's Market Cafe; big thumbs down. And with Littleman's description of the Fresh Market as the best grocery store in town. Re: CSA's, Charlie Munford ran a CSA for several years, but he left town about a year ago. I think a buddy of his took over running the farm, but I don't remember his name or have a contact number. If the localharvest website doesn't get you anywhere, I would ask some of the vendors at the High Street Farmer's Market if they have a CSA program/know anyone who does. As far as the market on West Street, I'm a much bigger fan of Brenda (last name?) across the parking lot from the Berry's than Doris and Nell's stand.

                  1. re: pkimble

                    The person who is running Flying M Farm for Charlie is Josh Evans. I don't know whether he is still running it as a CSA. If you are interested in getting in touch with him, I got his number from another vendor at the Farmer's Market this morning. Let me know if you want it.

                2. Hi Rebecca!

                  Rainbow Whole Foods carries organic produce and seasonal herb and vegetable plants from local farmers from the Jackson area. If you get to Hattiesburg, try the New Yokel Market - Chris Cagel, the owner, stocks some local products and on Thursday afternoons he manages a local foods market across the street from the store. And if you decide to visit the Gulf Coast on a Thursday or Saturday, please check out one of our all local foods farmers markets. We feature only local, seasonal produce, dairy, meats, breads, and other prepared foods. We also host local food events and dinners. See for market days, hours, and locations and more info.

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