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Jul 11, 2010 06:58 AM

suggestions near Fairmont

We will be staying at the Fairmont in early August - any suggestions for lunch or dinner within an easy walk or quick cab ride from the hotel?

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  1. A vast number of places in SF fit that description. You can search Nob Hill, Union Square, Chinatown, North Beach just to get started. SF also has a public transit system that covers the whole city.

    1. Easy walk down California to Chinatown and somewhat longer to Tadich and Perbacco. Walk back from all is daunting but there are cable cars. The secret word for summer visitors, especially from very hot Philadelphia, is layer. It's about 1 mile, less daunting, walks to Burmese Kitchen and Lers Ros.

      230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

      1. This will give you more recs that you can possibly use :)

        1. Nob Hill Cafe is the go to cafe for Nob Hill residents. Go early or be prepared to wait outside (inside wait area is tiny. . . get a glass of wine, beer and watch the folks walking their dogs over to Huntington Park.

          Nob Hill Cafe
          1152 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA 94108

          1. You can walk easily to Belden Alley and check menus at the many resto choices there.