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Jul 11, 2010 05:08 AM

Union Square Farmers Market suggestions

Recently working in this area......any suggestions in terms of best produce, best cookies ,etc...Looking for some guidance on what booth(s) to head to first. thanks

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  1. A good weekly source for information is Lucy's Greenmarket Report - daily reports on what's at the Union Sq greenmarket. A google search will get you to the site.

    1. Previously:

      That second link has a LOT of recommendations and is still relevant. Yuno's Farm is no more since they got divorced. Now it's Lani's Farm and Bodhitree Farm (who had shisito peppers last week!).

      Most of my money goes to Honey Hollow, Ronnybrook, Andrew's Local Honey, Windfall Farms, Berried Treasures, Mountain Sweet Berry, Terhune, Lani's/Bodhitree Farm, Eckerton Hill, and Keith's, but I don't often buy poultry/meat/eggs or flowers or baked goods.

      Greenmarket at Union Square also has a Twitter:

      Dedicated Union Square Greenmarket page:

      Listing of Farmers:


      Lucy, a staunch Greenmarket supporter, is a resident nearby and often reports on what's fresh:

      Serious Eats also does a regular Greenmarket report with photos.

      My favorite day to go is usually Wednesday -- nice mix of variety without the Saturday crowds. Fridays are good too. Mondays it's MUCH smaller but I believe Eckerton is there on Mondays and his stuff is super popular, so he'll sell out more quickly on other days. Not all the vendors are there year-round so sometimes you gotta support your favorites when you can. Oh, and on Saturdays, I try to go before 10am, otherwise it is WAY too crowded especially with kids, strollers, tourists, slow walkers, etc.

      Earlier is better. A lot of stuff gets held for chefs, and regular consumers get what's leftover -- first come, first served. This holds true especially for items which are JUST in season, because there's limited quantities. For example, sour cherries were hard to come by a few weeks ago. Right now melons are just back into the market. I think it's still kind of early for peaches and tomatoes. There's green house ones and early ones that aren't that great.

      The quality of produce can vary greatly dependent upon the weather. Sometimes farmers won't bring an item in or run out early -- talk to them and ask when they might have more.

      Bring lots of cash. Small bills are always good. Bring your own bag and make sure it's sturdy. Read Lucy's Greenmarket Report religiously.

      Union Square Greenmarket
      Broadway and E 17th St, New York, NY 10003

      1. I usually walk through the whole market to see if there are any new vendors or items. I usually find good things. I also started following Greenmarket on Twitter and I've gotten lots of good tips.

        My favorite for meat is Grazin Angus (Fridays) and I second the Ronnybrook rec for dairy. Lots of farmers have had good corn lately as well as wonderful fruit. Enjoy!

        1. My Favorites

          Lani's Farm - Japanese\Korean Cucumbers, Shiso, Shishito
          Hot Bread Kitchen - Wed only for Tortillas, Moroccan Flatbread
          Knoll Eggs
          Hudson Valley Duck Farm
          Windfall Farms
          Rick's Picks - smokra
          Milk Thistle - amazing chocolate milk
          Migliorelli Farm
          Tremblay Apiaries - great honey
          Hudson Valley Duck Farm - Mondays, smoked duck, duck procuitto

          Rick's Picks
          195 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002

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            Milk Thistle's yogurt is also excellent.

          2. Cato Corner for cheese
            Anybody who sells aracauna eggs....get them.

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              Forgot about that cheese. I just had some of those eggs with some Cato Corner grated on top. That's some good food! : )