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Jul 11, 2010 01:02 AM

Scottish Open

Found a gem of an Italian restaurant while at the golf. Sarti Balloch, actually have Italian owners and chef and the food is authentic and up to standards of a good trattoria in Italy. I went on consecutive nights and both were fully booked . I was seated next to the leader of the Open the first night and had a pasta which was great. The Chef came out and spoke to the Molinari brothers and they were happy with their meal. Must have been as they were there the next night along with Jimenez and a few other golfers . A great night was had by all and the atmosphere was added to by the Spain Germany game on the big tv. Try the Chef`s specials, the second night I had Pasta `Nduja which I have rarely found outside Italy and a homemade zuccotto.
Top Class will be back next year to Loch Lomond

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  1. Can you tell us where this restaurant is located? Thanks.

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      This must be the place. Looks like is it part of a nice group of restaurants in the Glasgow area:

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        That looks promising, thanks for the link!