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Jul 10, 2010 11:48 PM

Three days in Paris, three restaurants

Hi, I am in Paris with three friends for three days. We want to eat at one fine dining place for lunch, one very casual place for dinner the next day and one mid-price bistrot for dinner on the last night . I am thinking Ledoyen for lunch on the first day, Papilles for dinner the second night and then maybe Josephone Chez Dumonet or Chez L"Ami Jean on night 3. Any views on the choice?

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  1. Excellent choice. One a day is a good pace, and those restaurants are different enough from one another. I would throw something more modern in the mix, eg change Papilles for Bistral, but that's purely optional.

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      Thanks souphie, I'm a fan of your reviews, so I'll have a good look at Bistral.

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        Could be Fish, Pré Verre, Chateaubriand... -- all wine oriented and modern food.