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Jul 10, 2010 11:40 PM

Looking for a Greek Supermarket in Edmonton!

I am looking for Greek basmati rice. I usually buy Indian basmati rice from Superstore and I find it to be very starchy even after soaking it overnight and rinsing repeatedly. My favorite place to eat is Jimmy the Greek and their rice is fantastic! I am also looking for tatziki sauce and garlic sauce to make shawarmas. If anyone has any info, let me know! Thanks so much :)

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  1. Cannot make recommendation for the specific items you mentioned but I might suggest trying:

    Omonia Foods @ 10605 101 Street or,
    Hellas Foods @ 12407 109 Ave.

    It has been awhile since I was last at either.

    By the way, where is "Jimmy the Greek". I am not familiar with it. Have not had Greek food since Theo closed down the Ouzeria out here in the west end.

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      There is one located in West Ed Mall & Kingsway Mall. Its deeelicious!

    2. Bob's two recommendations are, of course, spot-on. As Hellas is very close to where I live, I am there frequently. They have lots of house-made items such as very good tzatziki, hummous, feta and olive spread, and a delicious feta and roasted peppers spread. Also house made pita chips in a couple of flavours are crispy and yummy. They also, from time to time, have various tiropita, spanokopita, keftedes, and horiatiki. There's a decent selection of Greek groceries, including olive oils, feta, olives, tinned goods, pastas, etc.

      I can't say for sure that I have seen rice there but I would not doubt it. And, the family that runs Hellas is super nice and I'm sure would answer any questions you had about your quest for that perfect Greek rice.