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Jul 10, 2010 10:02 PM

cheap jerusalem lunch suggestions

will be in yerushalayim for a couple of weeks starting tuesday, first chunk will be the 9 days, so applicable suggestions, would be appreciated

what is there to do for an inexpensive parever or dairy lunch other than falafel

and if you know, please list the cross streets/address


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  1. One of my favorite restaurants in the world fits your criteria: T'mol Shilshom on Yoel Moshe Salamon Street in Nahalat Shiva. A little hard to find -- it's upstairs in one of the courtyards off the street, but look for the sign on the wall next to the archway to it. Sort of across from Turquoise jewelry store.

    It's a bookstore as well as a cafe, and they let you sit all day and read. They have wonderful authors' nights, too. A great place; you'll love it.

    Chakra restaurant is spectacular and by far the best overall restaurant in J-town, but it's neither cheap nor dairy/parve (or kosher, for that matter). People even come from Tel Aviv just to eat there, and that has to be a first in history for a Jerusalem restaurant!

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      I second the recommendation of Tmol Shilshom. Though the bathroom situation could stand an improvement...

    2. Don't forget . . . unlike here in the states, most falafel places in Israel are fleishig. That doesn't mean the falafel is actually fleishig, but you won't be able to get pizza and that sort of stuff in the same place. Don't know if you'll be alone or not, but sometimes not everyone in a group wants falafel, and at a falafel place, the other choices are likely to be actual meat.

      As far as your question goes, I like Village Green, on Yaffo just past Ben Yehuda (in the direction of the Old City). Really tasty veggie and vegan food. It's cafeteria style, rather than table service, but there are tables inside and out to sit at, and it's a step up from pizza. Sbarro, while not my kind of thing, is very popular. They probably have lunch and dinner combos and specials. It's also on Yaffo near Ben Yehuda, but I can't remember if it's just past or just before Ben Yehuda.

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        I wouldn't bet that the falafel is not fleishig. At least in NY Israeli-style places, the falafel is fried in the same oil as the shnitzel.

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          Agreed. Moshiko on Ben Yehuda does Shawarma and falafel. Looks like the fryer is used soley for falafel.
          Go to which gives alisting of restaurants, write ups and you can get 10% off coupons if you register.
          Waffle Bar (two locations) is a good place, Little Italy which is near the inbal, Caffit on Emek.
          Angelo's on Horkanus is great, and has been there for 15 years or more, I always visit when i go to J'lem.
          Leaving next Sunday for Israel, and looking forward to eating my way round Israel, yet again.