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Jul 10, 2010 08:22 PM

What do do with fresh figs that are going bad quickly?

MIL bought 2 pints of fresh figs. I just opened them and realized they're getting really soft and look like they're about to turn. I put them in the fridge, but what can do with them? I can only eat so many plain ones!

We have the grill...don't really cook inside in the summer. Open to most any ideas I guess?!


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  1. You can make fig ice cream. Or a fig crostata. But those are really inside cooking jobs.

    1. Fig Arugula Bruschetta - just tried this participating in this month's COTM from Italian Easy.
      Cut figs into eighths and toss with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Add arugula and serve as is or top top of bruschetta. The sweetness of the figs pairs well with the peppery arugula.

      1. Baked Prosciutto wrapped figs...

        But you might be able to do these on the grill too.

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          Figs are even great with just plain old bacon wrapped around them, if you don't have prosciutto. And while a nub of cheese stuffing is tasty, they great without stuffing too. To use the grill instead of the oven, I just put them in an old pie plate (something I don't mind if it gets blackened on the grill). I've seen recipes where you skewer the figs and and put them directly on the grill, but then you lose all those lovely bacony figgy juices. Yum!

          I also like to cut them in half and simmer them slowly in marsala or red wine and spices (cinnamon, allspice, cloves, etc.). Sometimes I'll remove the figs once they're thoroughly poached and boil the juices down to make a thicker syrup. Lovely by themselves, over ice cream or cake, with a dollop of yogurt, etc.

        2. they're *amazing on the grill. cut in half, brush with oil and grill, cut side down, for a few minutes until the sugars start to caramelize. you can also grill them whole just until they seem like they're about to burst. YUM. if you want something savory, serve with feta, goat or blue cheese, fresh herbs (thyme, basil or rosemary), and prosciutto. for sweet, try mascarpone or ricotta & can even finish with a drizzle of good balsamic.

          1. You can make caramelized figs to serve over ice cream, rice pudding, etc. On the stovetop, add some butter & brown sugar to a skillet, add halved figs, cut side down and allow them to cook over medium low heat until golden and caramelized, turn over & repeat process.

            You can also toast some sliced italian or french bread on both sides in butter in a skillet; top with sliced figs, crumbled queso fresco and a good grind of black pepper. Turn the heat off and allow them to retain the heat for five minutes. Drizzle with balsamic viengar or a light drizzle of champagne vinegar. Serve for an app or a meal if you add some sliced proscuitto & a salad.