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Jul 10, 2010 07:16 PM

Tarry Tavern - Tarrytown?

Just checking - is Tarry Tavern in Tarrytown open yet? I think it's opening where Lago di Como was.. I heard it was supposed to open around the end of June, but haven't been in that area for a little while.. thanks!

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  1. That is where it will be, but so far it's not open.

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    1. Peeked in the window on Sun and the chef was there and invited us in. complete do over. He said they should be open the last week of July. Front of the house (bar area) will be tavern food and the back more formal. You can go to and sign up for emails. Sounds very promising.

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          that logo looks very familiar no? Maybe Harvest-esque (on hudson)...