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Jul 10, 2010 07:05 PM

Special Spots around Anchorage

My husband and I are heading to the Alyeska Resort next week. We will have a car to hit the best spots. We are looking for the hole in the wall seafood restaurants or road side stand for the freshest lunches or snacks. Can anyone give us some suggestions? Is there also someplace we should visit in the area for a day trip?

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  1. Not much in Girdwood. The Alyeska bakery used to be good, but it's been a while. No holes in the wall or road side stands there.

    Grab a dinner at the Double Musky or Jack Sprat.

    Consider a day trip to Seward .... or if you're real ambition to Homer (a long day). A trip to the Saltry can be special but will be a very long day and would be worth spending an overnight.

    But if this is your first trip to this part of AK, go to Seward for a Kenai Fjords tour (the full not the "bay" version). You could also go to Whittier for a glacier cruise, but the town isn't nearly as nice and the chances for whales and other wildlife are less.

    Double Musky Inn

    Saltry Restaurant
    Kachemak Bay Fry, Homer, AK 99603

    Jack Sprat Restaurant
    PO Box 1074, Girdwood, AK 99587

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      We did make it to the Double Musky and it was great food. The outside of the restaurant was rather plain but the inside was like a horder's dream. So just order the food and ignore the atmosphere.
      We did also make it to the Kenai Fjords tour and took the day trip (company sponsored). There were so many animal to see. Thanks for your suggestions.