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Jul 10, 2010 06:30 PM

Handel's Ice Cream in Redondo Beach

We tried Handel's Ice Cream in Redondo Beach. The same Handel's in Upland. I had heard so much about Handel's but was never able to get to Upland.

They have an overwhelming list of flavors, both ice cream, yogurt and sherbets, maybe 50 in all. Inside you see a good sized freezer unit for each flavor. The servers are young, but friendly and helpful. My wife and I decided to share the 4 scoop sampler for $5.00, a real bargain. We ordered vanilla (always vanilla when trying a new ice cream place), toasted almond, chunky chocolate chip and turtle (a chocolate walnut flavor). The ice cream was very creamy and rich, and we found the toasted almond full of nuts. In fact all the flavors we tried were very generous with nuts or chips or coconut, whatever flavor we chose.

We loved the ice cream so much, we ordered another 4 scoop sampler, this time with chocolate raspberry truffle, coconut cream pie, dulce de leche and more of the toasted almond. More deliciousness, but the coconut cream pie was especially delicious, light and fluffy. But now I was so full, I decided to skip dinner altogether.

Toasted almond and the turtle were special flavors, but the almond needs to become a regular flavor.

Handel's also serves a variety of sundaes and blizzard candy mixtures. It's really worth the trip.

A side note, on the drive down PCH, we passed the old favorite Glacier and saw that it was closed down. RIP. No updates on the website.

Handel's Ice Cream
1882 Pacific Coast Highway
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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  1. You should try the ice creams with the pie crust. I believe it is banana cream pie ice cream that wins me over every time I visit the one in Upland.

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      I whole heartedly agree with A5 Kobe here. The Banana Cream Pie ice cream is killer. Smooth, real banana flavor, and lovely chunks of pie crust. It is by far the best banana flavored ice cream I've had (sorry, Cold Stone and sorry, Ben and Jerry).

      I enjoyed the chocoholic chunk too. Smooth dark chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate chunks. Yum. Wasn't a big fan of dulce de leche but that's just a personal preference. It was also very smooth. Strawberry was nice and I would've enjoyed it if they had chunks of real strawberries in it. The chocolate chip cookie dough is a tasty rendition.

      The 4 scoop sampler for 5 bucks is a great deal. I think it's going to put the local Cold Stone and perhaps a Baskin Robbins or two out of business.

      While they probably won't be giving Scoops a run for their money with bizarre flavors or Mashti Malone with their rose-flavored ice cream, they have a couple of flavors I'm going to try that I've never seen. Grape ice cream. Simple grape. Not grape nuts. It's on my list of flavors to try next.

      The one thing about Handels that may disappoint you is that they offer a Blizzard like concoction and apparently when they opened up, the servers didn't know you couldn't use any flavor of ice cream and add in mix-ins... so, now they only allow it with soft-serve vanilla. I only mention this because the last couple of times my wife and I went, someone has asked for it with a non-vanilla flavor and they were turned down. Minor point.

      So, if you're in the South Bay and jonesing for some ice cream, I would recommend going.

      Mashti Malone's
      143 N Maryland Ave, Glendale, CA 91206

      Cold Stone
      2112 E Florence Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255

    2. good to know--I had a coupon for when they first opened but lost it. I keep meaning to stop--now I will since it is right in my hood.

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      1. re: sparkareno

        Too bad....I must have drove by the place last Friday. That's a bit of a drive for me so I'm rarely that far south. I thought Glacier looked deserted when I drove by (the same day), but didn't want to post any false rumors. I'm sorry they're gone since they did appear to be trying very hard.

      2. Ogawak, which Glacier are you referring to...I only know (knew?) of one So. Cal. location, in Manhattan Beach on Sepulveda. Is this the one? I don't think they ever had a location in Redondo.

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        1. re: GK in SO

          Yes, the Manhattan Beach Glacier on Sepulveda now closed for good.

          1. re: GK in SO

            Yeah, we passed through Manhattan Beach on the way down. The Glacier building was rather empty inside. Sepulveda becomes PCH in Redondo. So it was a good and bad day. So sorry to see Glacier go.

          2. Thanks for the heads up. We went yesterday, thought the ice cream was very good. Tried coconut cream pie, banana cream pie, toasted almond, and peanut butter parfait flavors. All were good, but our favorites were definitely coconut cream pie and peanut butter parfait. Just a note to others--there is no indoor seating, but there are a couple of picnic tables outside. We'll be back.

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            1. re: Nicole

              It's set up almost exactly like the original in Upland -- walk-up windows with a small scattering of outdoor tables. I usually eat in my car, unless I have a particularly messy dish.

              If you like turtle sundaes, Handel's makes a good one, and the hurricanes (what DQ wishes their blizzards could be) are great, especially the crunchy Heath Bar variety.

            2. I'm pretty sure that I've enjoyed every single flavor from Handel's in Upland. My husband loves the cotton candy, bubble gum, and blueberry cobbler. I'm more of a fan of their strawberry cheesecake...and pretty much every other flavor that tries to emulate something else. The Graham Central Station really does taste like graham crackers! The banana cream pie does rock...and I don't even like bananas. Living near this place spoils you from any other ice cream...I now refuse to go to Baskin Robbins, and haven't been to a Cold Stone in ages.

              Central Station
              345 Central Ave, Fillmore, CA 93015

              Cold Stone
              2112 E Florence Ave, Huntington Park, CA 90255

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              1. re: attran99

                I've tried multiple flavors too, and the only one I didn't really care at all for was their Grape flavor... but for all of you grape-flavored Cough Syrup fans.... attention: it now comes in ice cream form.