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Jul 10, 2010 05:54 PM

How Does One Use Beeswax in Canele Molds?

I finally got a dozen copper molds. The silicone ones (one black, one red) never gave me the distinctly crisp exterior I want in a canele. (Sorry, I've never learned to do accents on my keyboard.) Now I have to find beeswax and figure out how to use it. Obviously, one must melt the beeswax in order to line the molds, but should the beeswax be melted together with a certain quantity of butter, or should it be used pure? And how do you clean beeswax off the melting pan and the pastry brush? Can it form an intractable mass in my sink disposal?

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  1. Beeswax and butter 50:50. You'll need only an ounce or 2 for a dozen molds. Use a silicone pastry brush. Bush in just a few dabs. Melt the mixture in a stainless bowl over simmering water. Everything cleans up with hot soapy water. Your molds may be a lil sticky the first few times. You can speed up the seasoning process by baking the molds with just beeswax and butter a few times for 5-10 mins in a hot oven. You can be more liberal with the mixture when you are seasoning them. Dump the hot mixture onto paper and trash.

    Good luck.

    Send me an email if you get stuck.

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      Wow! Thank you ever so much for your response. It is exactly what I need to know. And I;ve checked your very informative blog, too. Those gorgeous caneles are mouthwatering!