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Jul 10, 2010 04:44 PM

House made sausage

I am on a quest for a place that makes its own Italian sausage. My parents used to buy Italian sausage "tweaked" with extra fennel and red pepper seed from a grocer in Little Italy, Baltimore. I would like to find a place that makes good Italian sausage that could "tweak" it a little for them. Any clues?


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  1. i'd like to find the same in arlington or environs.

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      Oh, come on into DC, Alkapal! It's worth it for Litteri's house-made sausage - hot or mild. It's lean enough to put on the grill so you have to be a little careful with it, but it's the best around.
      New York Avenue Metro is really close, or an easy drive from NoVA.

    2. Meat crafters seems pretty good, but I don't know if they have an italian sausage or if they would tweak it for you. Here's their website--I think they have more sausages than they list here though--

      1. Are you near Baltimore? Boarman's in Highland and the Laurel Meat Market in Laurel both make their own sausage. They're both small enough that I wouldn't be surprised if they'd consider special orders.

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          Thanks! I will try these. It's for part of the dinner for my dad's 81st birthday.

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            Boarman's is great but out-of-the-way. Old-fashioned family grocery that makes their own, in business 50 years.

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              I called Boarman's and am headed there tomorrow. He said they make the "best" italian sausage and to try it. After tasting it, if I think it needs more fennel and red pepper, he will work with me to get it right for my dad. He is a charming person and I am looking forward to trying his best. Thanks for the recommendation. Laurel does not tweak the sausage.

              1. re: kara2006

                The declaration is that the sausages from Boarman's are the best since Little Italy or Connecticut with no tweaking. Thanks for the recommendations.

                Little Italy Restaurant
                6920 Bradlick Shopping Ctr, Annandale, VA 22003

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                  I'm so glad that Boarman's worked out!

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                    Though the hot sausages are hot enough for me, I do agree on the fennel - still, it is very fresh and good indeed, as everyone who I know who has had them agrees.