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Jul 10, 2010 04:16 PM

3-day visit to St. Louis

This will be my 7th visit to STL (came once and fell in love with it, so keep coming back). Current thoughts on restaurants for this trip are as follows:

Dinners: Five, Harvest, Farmhaus, Niche Brasserie.
Lunches: Iron Barley, Herbies, Dressel's, Newstead Tower, Pappy's
Breakfasts: Rooster, White Knight, Eat Rite, Soulard's
Happy hour/wine: Sasha's, Bailey's, Bridge Tap House

Any thoughts on these? Any that we should rule out? We're staying downtown, but will have a car.

Iron Barley
5510 Virginia Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63111

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  1. Have you been to Goody Goody Diner for breakfast or lunch. Outstanding. And Niche is a good choice for fine dining. I second Niche. Sidney St. is another good choice for fine dining at dinner. Have a nice trip.

    Goody Goody Diner @ 5900 Natural Bridge Ave., St Louis, MO 314 - 383 - 3333.
    Niche Restaurant @ 1831 Sidney St., St Louis, MO 314 - 773 - 7755.
    Sidney St. Cafe @ 2000 Sidney St., St Louis, MO 314 - 771 - 5777.

    Goody Goody Diner
    5900 Natural Bridge Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63120

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    1. re: Littleman

      I was not thrilled with my lunch at Herbie's not long ago. May have been an aberration. Beware that Harvest is closed for some improvements (but I know will reopen). You might try Atlas in the CWE, I was lucky enough to go before it changed ownership, the folks who run Pomme in the Clayton area are the new owners and it sounds like the place will be very similar, which is to say, very good, if not quite in Niche's league.

      Finally...will you take me with you? Just kidding. Quite a gastronomic tour de force there. Crown Candy is a great place too, but looks like your plate, literally, is full.

      1. re: ddfry3

        Have been to Niche (totally loved it) and Sidney Street (liked it, but didn't blow us out of the water like Niche did). Also ate at Atlas last year and was very impressed (not sure when ownership changed). GG Diner sounds great (so many Slinger versions, so little time!!). We may need to bring our home liposuction kits (exacto knife and a Dirt Devil) for between meals! I will check w/ Harvest about their closure -- thanks for the heads up.

        Sidney Street Cafe
        2000 Sidney St, Saint Louis, MO 63104

        1. re: ClevelandRandy

          I agree with ddfry3 about Herbie's. Lots of other good choices ahead of it. Love Five; haven't yet been to Farmhaus but all reports are very good; don't miss Iron Barley or Pappy's; Rooster is terrific but so is GG in a completely different way. Nice to hear from a fellow Clevelander (I've lived here for 34 years but get back to the shores of Lake Erie 2 or 3 times a year).

          Iron Barley
          5510 Virginia Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63111

    2. Iron Barley is wonderful and unique. Expect good food and no decor to speak of.

      Iron Barley
      5510 Virginia Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63111

      1. Farmhaus is wonderful-do not miss it. Make sure you get a reservation as it has been busy!

        a recent menu

        1. Farmhaus is indeed a must try. Depending on when your visit is, I would also recommend Monarch as it should be reopening following its renovation in early August.

          For wine/happy hour places, also check out 33 Wine Bar in Lafayette Square.

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          1. re: michaelstl

            Got my reservation for Farmhaus -- yay!! Have been to 33 Wine Bar. Love it, and loved the neighborhood.

            1. re: ClevelandRandy

              Great to hear. I hope you enjoy your visit.

              I'm headed back to Farmhaus tomorrow night.