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Jul 10, 2010 03:48 PM

Cafe Qui Parle -- Disappointing

Went there solo for was 9:45 on a Saturday...the inside only had two tables of customers...the outside was reasonably full but half of the tables were on coffee/dessert...

Had the cold asparagus soup w/ truffles: fresh and nice ingredients, but a bit underseasoned...followed by the grilld shrimp w/ risotto...shrimp were delicious and perfectly-cooked but the risotto was vaguely sweet and bland...and, for four medium shrimp, i thought the dish was grossly overpriced at 23 euros...

But the most annoying part was the wait for the food: it took them literally 30 minutes to bring me the cold soup! (with the waiter stopping by 3 or 4 times to tell me it's coming soon)...ridiculous...i won't be back...

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  1. Thanks for the feedback; maybe that's why Colette won't repeat it: Laidback, your follow-ups?

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    1. re: John Talbott

      Our last trip was May the 28th and Damian was as pleasant and unassuming as ever. Ms. L. had gambas served over carrot juice infused rice...tasted so much better than it sounded and I had a very good piece of sautéed turbot served over mousseron mushrooms with little cubes of smoked bacon and potatoes...not sure about the lightness, which was my intent, but am positive about the deliciousness. I don't recall an inordinate wait between ordering and receiving the courses, but I did feel that the prices have escalated just a tad. You know better than I that restaurants are rarely 100% consistent and that sometimes when you are known as a regular your treatment may be a little better than an unknown, but overall, I felt that the rapport qualité/prix was still good.

      1. re: Laidback

        I thoroughly enjoyed my meal a few months back, however hubby and I waited more than 30 minutes for the dessert menu. Our waiter kept forgetting to bring it, and at one point he simply disappeared. We hadn't experienced this kind of wait/forgetfulness since living in Belgium. Like Simon, we ate at the resto on a Saturday night so maybe it's a weekend thing?