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Jul 10, 2010 03:31 PM

nyc source for le creuset

i have to purchase a big round dutch oven from le creuset as a gift. any thoughts as to a store that might let me combine a coupon or a sale for a little less than retail?

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  1. LeCreuset tells retailers what to sell it at ... so sadly, you don't see it marked down. Your best bet, other than Amazon, is Macy's.

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    1. re: kariface

      Bed Bath and Beyond lets you use the 20% off coupons on Le Creuset even though the coupons say no. Broadway Panhandler is expensive normally, but when they have sales they have excellent deals. They often don't advertise their sales in advance, so you need to walk in or call to see what they've got.

      On a semi-related note, does anyone know what the heck has happened to Zabars?? I used to find amazing deals there all the time, but walked in last week for the first time in awhile only to see regular old retail prices on everything.

      1. re: pothead

        Wish I had an answer for you about Zabar's--but I've been wondering the same thing. Their everyday prices on Le Creuset (and much other cookware) used to be lower than the special sale prices at other stores. Maybe someone else will enlighten us.

        Meanwhile, I concur with the suggestion to check for sales at Macy's and Broadway Panhandler. Bloomingdale's also used to have good sales on Le Creuset, so it's probably worth watching for their ads too.

    2. Williams-Sonoma in California had discontinued colors on sale when I was there last week---marked down pretty significantly. You could check a NYC store and see.

      1. Bloomingdale's often has cookware sales that include LC.

        Is there any reason you need to buy the oven in NYC? If not, LC outlets have sales, too. Call & ask to be put in their list & you will be notified by mail. They are very helpful when you phone in an order.