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Jul 10, 2010 03:25 PM

What are the top five Spanish foods?

When I think of Spanish foods, I think of jamon, olives, paella, churros and chocolate. Would that be considered accurate or what are your thoughts as to the most iconic of Spanish foods that it would be a shame if you missed them while visiting?

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  1. Manchego Cheese!!! and the jamon has to be iberico. wash down with with sangria.

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      IMHO Manchego cheese and Jamon (preferably bellota) goes better with Manzanilla or Fino than with Sangria...

      1. Oh if you're visiting, then you have to order the whole roasted baby piglet.

        1. Jamon Iberico de Bellota, Queso Manchego, Ventresca de Bontio del Norte, Pimientos del Piquillo and Morcilla de Burgos. I would add to that an arroz dish of your choice. My choice would be an arroz caldoso more than a paella. Paella's great and all that, but there's a lot more to Spanish arroces than paella.

          Then it all depends on the region you're in. You couldn't go to Catalunya without having some Pa amb Tomaquet or Galicia without having some pulpo.

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            Oh and I forgot about Sobrassada. You have to have Sobrassada.

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              I'm not sure I'd think of sobrassada as an iconic Spanish food - iconic Mallorcan, for sure.

              (The brother in law, who comes from Soller and is there now, says it was funny to see all the Spanish flags out yesterday in preparation for the match - as he said "We usually hate Spain")

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                Funny, I have family from Catalonia and while the older generation are more into autonomy, the younger ones don't seem to care and feel that Catalonia is still Spain. As for the typical foods: Jamon (any form), queso manchego, paella always comes to mind. Runners-up are: olives, chorizos, seafood (cooked plain..without fancy sauces), callos, fabada, fideua. Drinks: Rioja, fino, sangria, cava...

          2. SnackHappy's spot on! Depending on the regions and season! galicia:seafood-pulpo a feira (galician octopus). Madrid, Callos, Cocido Madrileño. la Mancha-, Manchego cheese, olive oil. Andalucia, jamon, salmorejo, pescaito frtio. Cataluña calchots, anchovies, Pais Vasco-seafood. fish, tolosa beans, pinchos..... My advice is check out the regional food. It's difficult to name just 4!

            1. Pork (in all forms)
              Olives (and olive oil)

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                Personally I think Spain's greatest cheese is Cabrales.