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Jul 10, 2010 02:50 PM

Student orientation at Drexel - where to have dinner?

Sending junior foodie off to college and are coming to town for orientation. We will have a lunch and a few dinners free. Jr. will be staying on campus, parents at hotel on 13th and Race. Adults will eat anything good, jr is health conscious and a little picky. Any good suggestions?

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  1. Distritio in his neighborhood, also a few new restaurants have opened int UC. Near your hotel, you should definitely check out Reading Terminal Market, Le Meridian, Giorgio on Pine, El Vez, Lolita(bring yyour own tequila), Kanella, are surrounded by good places!

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      I second Distrito in University City. Since Jr. is health conscious, the White Dog Cafe in University city is also something to check out. They use fresh, local, sustainable ingredients.