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Jul 10, 2010 02:39 PM

Are these the heavy duty sheet pans everyone recommends (non-warping)? Aluminum Sheets&dept_id=7011

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  1. link's broken, itryalot. i like your name!
    dunno about 'everyone,' but i've never found a better sheet pan than the disposable ones you get at the supermarket! i use em' til they disintegrate, toss, repeat.

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    1. I think Chicago Metallic baking sheets are pretty good. Alternatively, you can just grab the baking sheets from restaurant supply stores.

      P.S.: Your link does not work

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        Link worked for me, but says that the item is currently unavailable.

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          You are right. Actually the link works, but the product is unavailable.

      2. I have both the Chicago Metallic and Lincoln Food Service sheet pans. Both perform well. Just be aware that there are two different gauges of metal for Lincoln Food Service sheet pans, so some pans are thinner than others. The restaurant supply store should be able to point you in the right direction, but when ordering online you may not know which you are getting. You can find mixed reviews on the Lincoln Food Service sheets online even though Cook's Illustrated gave them a big thumbs up, but it is my guess that a lot of people are getting the thinner sheets online and they are warping at really high temperatures.