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Jul 10, 2010 01:42 PM

Mussels in Brooklyn! Please....

We have a hankering for mussels, but we would prefer to eat them some place between Prospect Heights and Brooklyn Heights! No Williamsburgh please! Any ideas? Our kitchen is in the second week of renovations and the place is mess... we need to get out! Help!

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  1. 12th Street Bar and Grill on 8th Avenue has fantastic mussels. They're served in a curry-flavored, slightly creamy sauce. Not sure if that could be considered between Prospect Heights and Brooklyn Heights.

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      Al di la in Park Slope has the most succulent mussels. I think they're Bouchot. They serve it with a thick slice of grilled garlicy bread underneath so the bread soaks up the juices but still stays a little crusty. So good.

    2. Bar Tabac on Smith Street has some serviceable mussels.

      Bar Tabac
      128 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

      1. chez oskar in clinton hill has all you can eat mussels one night a week i think its 12 bucks.. but they have them regularly for 12 bucks and me and the lady split an order. the have them moutarde and one other way.. fries are good, the have a 22 dollar bottle of muscadet.. life is good

        1. Canaille on 5th bt Warren and St Marks had a nice Moules Frites not too long ago.