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Jul 10, 2010 01:03 PM

Where do you get your live hardshell crabs (for cooking at home)?

Who has a good source for a dozen or bushel of live hardshell crabs to make at home, preferably in suburban MD. Thanks.

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  1. I don't know of any place in MD, but Maine Avenue fish market: 1100 Maine Ave SW
    Washington, DC 20024 is great!

    1. Camerons Seafood Market - outlets scattered around the DC area

      If you go, be sure to have a coupon from the website or Washington Post. They are sticklers for only honoring sale prices WITH coupon.

      I usually buy a bushel or two of live #1 Male crabs at the Rockville shop each summer and they've been good - fairly heavy and not too many dead ones in the basket.

      1. I get them from my brothers crab pots. Free is a good thing! But when he hasn't baited the traps, I buy them from a few local road side places in AA county. A guy in Severn, and a guy right by Millersville/Severna Park, also there is a great guy down in West River. Chat them up and you can see that you are getting all live crabs. The few times we have gotten them at the Maine Ave seafood market , I've gotten more dead ones than I appreciated.

        1. Mels crabs on route 4 huntingtown md. ; about 20 minute from the beltway. His prices are very fair and the crabs are amazing.