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Jul 10, 2010 11:41 AM

Restaurant recs needed all along 101!!!

My husband and I are taking five days to travel from San Francisco to Seattle. We are taking 101 the whole way, with the exception of cutting over to the 1 at Mendocino for a while. We need recommendations for GOOD food. Don't need five star restaurants. We're mostly interested in good, local food. I am not into chains, and living in San Francisco, we are used to really yummy food! Any recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner are much appreciated! I have tried searching, but most of what I'm finding is either inland or really old posts. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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  1. We live in Newport, Oregon. Travel 101 quite a bit going to SF. Here are a few of my recs. We frequently spend the night at Carter House in Eureka. Wonderful hotel, but wouldn't recommend the restaurant. We like the Waterfront Cafe. Nice bar, good food.

    Several good places to eat in Newport. Lunch and dinner at both Local Ocean Seafoods and Saffron Salmon. We dine at both at least once a month. I would have to say the menu at Local Ocean is a little more original. Excellent seafood. But you can't beat the clam chowder at Saffron Salmon. Stay away from Mo's. Tourists only and mediocre food.

    Any questions, ask.....

    Saffron Salmon
    859 SW Bay Blvd, Newport, OR 97365

      1. Traveling through Eureka one year, I stopped at the co-op and they recommended a place North of Eureka on the West side of the freeway in Arcata. I beleive this is the place: If this is one and the same, it is a funky little vegetarian place with a delicious tempeh burger. I will be back. In Garberville I almost always stop at Nacho Mama for a veggie burrito. They also serve meat. (BTW, I am not strickly vegetarian, however these places serve great , filling food that will sit well for the rest of the trip)

        1. Some places in Gold Beach I've tried recently that were good:

          Rollin' in the Dough north of the Rogue River and just upriver from the bridge... Service is not particularly speedy, but the food is very good. They serve lunches, breakfasts and Sunday brunches, Tuesday through Sunday. They go for local and organic ingredients.

          The Cape Care on the south end of town next to the forest service offices. Serving breakfast and dinners Wed - Sun. Our dinner there was quite quiet -- we were the only ones there at first -- some view of the ocean across the highway and with hotels. We were so impressed we went back for breakfast and it was much busier. Organic, natural and local fare.

          Spinners a couple of 'blocks' on from the Cape Cafe on the west side of the highway. Dinners nightly from 1630. Nice wide selection of seafood, steak, chicken and burgers. Somewhat spendy. This was not one of our first choices from the looks of it, but we ended up going back for a second dinner here because it was good.