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Jul 10, 2010 10:57 AM

"Safest" champagne of these 3 NV? Veuve Clicquot YL, Louis Roederer Brut, or Taittinger Prelude?

I'm going to a dinner party and would like to purchase a mid-priced bottle of brut champagne that most people will like and that will go with most foods. It can't be too extreme; it has to have wide appeal. I don't know what food will be served but I'm sure there's going to be a lot of variety.

My local liquor store does not carry a lot of champagne. From what I saw, all of the options are from big name houses. There are a lot of cheap sparkling wines for $10-$15 (the big names, Martini Rossi etc.) which I know won't interest my friends and a few Vintage options for over $100, which are out of my price range.

What I'm looking at are the options I posted in this topic's subject line. In addition to those 3, the store carries Moet & Chandon White Star (which I'm not crazy about) and Taittinger La Francaise (which I think is ok, but I've heard Prelude, which I have not had, is significantly better).

Any help/advice/opinons would be much appreciated!

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  1. of the 3, i prefer the veuve. are you expecting the host(ess) to serve it with dinner? perhaps offer that you're bringing bubbles as an aperitif so that there's no worries about food pairings. it's also only going to give you 4-6 glasses to drink, so depending on group size might just be a nice gift to bring.

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      There will only be 5-6 of us. I spoke with the hostess, she's going to be serving baked brie, pasta, and red snapper and would love champagne! She has plenty of red and white wine at her house, so we'll have plenty to drink.

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        bubbles will be great with the cheese as a starter. although i am not a fan of cheese as a first course, lol.

    2. Veuve is the safe choice that everyone knows. I prefer the Roederer.

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        I think I'm going to go with the Roederer. I must say, I haven't had champagne since last September (which was a glass of Veuve) and I just don't remember that much about it, other than thinking it was overpriced ($20 plus tax/tip adds up!).......I can't even begin to fathom how VC is different from Roederer or from a different $30-50 non vintage champagne.

      2. Not the biggest fan of La Française either, actively dislike the White Star, but the Prélude is a very good bottle of champagne as an aperitif. Much better than the La Française, but also significantly more expensive. I like it better than the Roederer, but maybe not if it's exceedingly expensive.

          1. Roederer Brut Premier over the others every time.