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Jul 10, 2010 10:36 AM

SushiOne in Naples

i'm still steamed at the review the local paper gave this new sushi place. the food is fresh and there are special rolls and twists on the sushimi (the spicy tuna with big chunks served in an orange) that i haven't seen anywhere. so i've had sushi in NYC, LA and DC and this is just as good as any i've had. the inside is a bit austere but tasteful with some original art work hanging (and for sale). the reviewer said about no "wow" factor but it seemed to me the reviewer really didn't know much about sushi and so talked about "presentation".

has anyone any opinions?

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  1. SushiOne has very good sushi, nicely presented.
    The writer from NDN knows only meat and potatoes.
    He is let out of his cubicle periodically to scribble about cuisines he has no clue about. I fault NDN more than him for this embarassment-he does the best he can with the little he knows.
    After Linda Gordon, and then Chiara Assi left the NDN months ago, there's been no competent person to write on food. Sad.