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Jul 10, 2010 09:53 AM

Trader Joe's Yea/Nay thread - 3rd quarter 2010

I've got nothin', but since it's too hot to physically clean my house, I'm doing some virtual "housekeeping" on this thread.

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  1. The milk chocolate butter biscuits are really good - highly recommend them. I regularly pick up a box in addition to the Seasoned Rack of Lamb that is fully cooked.

    1. I'm kind of liking the freeze-dried strawberries, though the bananas I could take or leave.

      The mushroom tortelloni with spinach and asparagus, the pre-made refrigerated meal that you pop in the microwave, with its white wine sauce, is my recent addiction. The texture of the pasta is a little thick and a smidge on the dry side, but still pretty good.

      The Itsy Bitsy Whole Grain Chocolate Chip cookies are YUM!! I'm sick, and that's what I've been craving and eating way too many of.

      They have a frozen side dish that's new--country potatoes with green beans and mushrooms, and parsley. Toss in a skillet, heat through, and serve. I'd put them on par with the Alexia frozen side dishes that I've been hoarding.

      Picked up a couple other things last night to try, will report back on them.

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        That all sounds good. Has anyone seen freeze-dried pineapple lately?

      2. I just opened a bag of their Red, White & Blue Corn Tortilla chips - VERY good! Not overly salty, good thickness and crispness. I've only eaten them plain, but they seem sturdy enough for salsa or guac.

        They use white and blue ground corn for two of the colors and add beet powder to the white chips for the red.

        P.S. The bag is at home, but IIRC, it says there's a "hint of lime". Yeah, well I'm going to need a few more hints to be able to discern any lime in these things. :-)

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          I haven't tried those chips, but the odds are that what the ingredients included was "trace of lime," referring to the chemical compound lime, not the fruit. I always look for that on tortilla chip bags as it is the key to the proper flavor for me, meaning that it was made with real tortilla masa, not just some old corn flour. And most don't have it, so I will look for those chips next time. I usually just get plain old blue ones.
          See this info about masa:

        2. I just tried the low salt butternut squash soup and dumped it down the drain. Tasted like perfume.

          1. I just tried the yaki onigiri ("baked rice snack" in the frozen food section). I just had a great one of these at a Japanese izakaya recently, so these are pretty lame compared with that. But one very weird thing was that there was no filling of any kind. These are all rice. The outer layer of rice is quite chewy, which is good. I added extra soy sauce. I can't say these are awful - I wouldn't actively discourage someone interested in them from trying them, but I doubt I'll buy them again.

            I also just tried the unsweetened apple sauce. It's healthy and it's good - especially with my own spices added.