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Jul 10, 2010 09:34 AM

Farm is so good I actually went twice in one day!

My sister was in town visiting from Boston and we both love cheese. It was her last day and we were on our own so we decided to go to Farm for lunch. Two grilled cheese sandwiches please!

We just sat down and the waitress told us that Janice Beaton Cheese shop – at the back of the restaurant - had just opened up a grilled cheese sandwich bar. We raced back and ordered a ham and cheese and an Oka cheese sandwich – with a glass of white wine. Very nice surprise. Wow! Delicious! I cannot say enough about how yummy these were. Crunchy bread, pickle and cheese. Next time you are having a grilled cheese craving head to JB immediately. You will not be disappointed.

They do need to change their electronic payment systems though – it didn’t allow for tipping. Makes sense in a cheese shop but now that they are serving sandwiches it needs to be added. Luckily I had some toonies in the bottom of my purse and happily dropped them in the tip jar.

After trying dinner at Brava Bistro (see separate review) we wound up back at Farm for dinner and are we ever glad we did.

With a nice cold glass of Blasted Church in hand, we ordered the Duck Pate and Macaroni and Cheese. We had a lovely view of the hard working staff and enjoyed watching them immensely. The food they put out was both impressive and delicious. Our meals were nothing short of spectacular. The duck pate was incredible and we happily enjoyed it with lots of crusty bread and just a touch of cherry reduction. The heat in the Mac and Cheese was a nice touch to a very filling, delicious creamy dish.

The staff and the environment at Farm are both great and the place was packed all night – not surprising given how good the food is but still impressive on a Tuesday.

1006 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0A5, CA

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  1. Welcome back to the forum, higgika!

    On thing I do not understand about the complaints about Farm is the recurring "we left hungry." What are these people ordering? Do they think that a three-item charcuterie plate and a glass of wine will be enough for them? I've never, not once, left Farm anything but full (and incredibly happy with the food, service, and yes the value). There are ALWAYS complete meals on the specials board there- always.

    To all the haters complaining that "this isn't Salt Tasting Room": Farm has evolved past that. It's not trying to clone Salt. It has a MUCH broader menu than does Salt and to my taste it's a better restaurant.

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      Well at $17 I'd expect a 3-item charcuterie plate to be enough food. At Vin Room, it is. At Farm, it isn't, so I never went back. Maybe their portion sizes have changed, it's been over a year.

      Vin Room
      2310-4th St SW, Calgary, AB T2S 1X2, CA

    2. I've been to Farm a handful of times in the past. While I love the food (especially the Mac n Cheese and the cheese selection) there, I've usually had uneventful service... which I don't mind.

      This past week however was a pretty bad experience with the food arriving exactly 1 hour and 10 minutes after it was ordered. Our entree was cold. When we went to pay, the server swiped the credit card through then walked away and we ended up ripping the receipt of the machine ourselves.

      We felt neglected and I don't get it. It was busy but not extremely so, there wasn't ever a line up of people waiting. I would have hoped the restaurant could at least handle numbers that were less than their capacity. Honestly I think I would have to think twice before I head out there again.

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        That's terrible- after an hour, I walk out. But I have only ever sat at the bar, and service has always been fast, at least that's been my experience.