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Jul 10, 2010 09:31 AM

Laundry East Hampton - Still Closed?

Hey guys

A friend just drove by Laundry and thought the awning looked new. Jfood called the old number and still disconnected.

Still closed?


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  1. When it opens I don't think it will be the Laundry anymore. The awning is all that remains, and it's not that long since it was new. Don't think anything will happen this year, Pacific East still sitting empty too. The chef from the Laundry is at Navy Beach in Montauk if that helps.

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    1. re: coll

      Very helpful. thank you very much.

      pacific east and laundry were an every year event. it's tough this year

      1. re: jfood

        You'd probably enjoy Navy Beach, it's getting great reviews. And it's on a beach that's famous for its sunsets.

        Lots of changes, I'm trying to adapt myself. These places that had really bad money issues aren't going to be able to come back, unfortunately. They burned their bridges.

        1. re: coll

          the negative trifecta...amagansett market, pacific eat and alundry.

          at least jfood can bring back real bagels to CT from Goldbergs

          1. re: jfood

            Amagansett market! UGH. I just bought 2 nectarines for 4.99 per lb and they are awful- dry and mushy- . Ridiculous pricing for nothing! Stewarts fish mkt, BTW- excellent!

            1. re: yeshana


              Amagansett market closed two years ago replaced by zabars or some other overpriced silly store. the fruit was better before the change of ownership plus you could buy eggs in the morning and read the paper in the garden.

              1. re: jfood

                Eli's now. - YEs, silly overpriced. Not fitting in such a small low key town. IGA was unpleasant but actually had some reasonably priced ok produce(just don't know where from)

            2. re: jfood

              Just went to Goldbergs the other day, but got there a half hour before closing (note: 4PM, not talking night time). Such attitudes, I felt like I was in Manhattan! Everything was already covered and they acted like taking the wrap off each item I ordered was torture, I dreaded asking for each next thing. They cut the pastrami so thick, it was still tender but it didn't melt in your mouth as usual (I worked at a deli so I know it takes a little longer to cut meat the way it should be, but certain cuts HAVE to be paper thin, sorry deli clerk). Also, $40 a lb for nova, even by Hamptons standards that's high. But I'm glad they're there, and they had enough bagels left for my breakfast so I won't totally bash them. Just never go after 2 I guess, they must be tired and cranky.

              Yes Stewarts is the best, love them and their staff. If you have a little time, why not drive up the road to Pikes Farm stand in Sagaponack (just south on Sagg Main Road) and get the real deal on produce.

              1. re: coll

                To defend Goldberg's or any other bagel shop, 4PM IS nighttime. Jfood would be hard pressed to buy any bagel that has been sitting in the open until 4PM. And you should feel lucky. At the only bagel place jfood would buy in his area, all the bagels are gone by 11AM. Likewise $40 for Novey is a low-middle price. In CT it can peak at $52 and bottom out around $32 if you go to the smokehouse itself or packaged in the store.

                1. re: jfood

                  OK I guess I explain further. I went there for pastrami sandwiches for dinner, the bagel was an afterthought to see how good they were; I was surprised to see a small variety still sitting there that time of day myself. And then of course I had to get some acoutrements, so I ended up with a nice little order, maybe 7 items. (BTW the creamed herring may be the best I ever had). Their name is Goldbergs Deli, and Bagels/Flagels, deli first, and they serve much more than the usual tuna salad on a bagel you'd expect at a bagel shop. Most people I know go there only for the pastrami, corned beef and brisket. Now if they want to close at 2:30 or 3, they should just say so, I won't be insulted. I went to a lot of trouble to get there a half hour before they closed. Most dedicated bagel stores I know close at 1:30 or 2, and that's fine. I am happy to work around the posted hours, but what I was saying is that the employees seemed annoyed that the door was unlocked and people were still coming in (right after I left I saw them turn away their next door neighbor who wanted a soda, at 3:55, she was bitching to me for some reason). My main disappointment was how thick the pastrami was cut, I wanted it to be perfect again like the first time so my husband could enjoy, and the only reason it wasn't is that the girl was annoyed that she had to unwrap the meat and cut 2 sandwich worth, her body language was screaming at me. Of course I will go again, but not after 2:00 for sure.

                  I base my retail lox prices on Fairway so that could be the problem there. I figure $25 as a base price for really excellent fish. I can get packaged smoked salmon wholesale, for under $10 (tastes great although not nova or hand sliced). And I've been told to go to the place near Richmond Hills for even better prices at the source, wish I had the free time.Gee, I thought the Hamptons were bad, glad I don't have to shop in CT!

                  1. re: coll


                    Glad to see you are not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Sounds like it was just a bad employee with an attitude. Jfood know Goldbergs well since the "mother ship," Bagel Chateau is in Millburn NJ where jfood lived for 20 years.

                    If it were jfood he would make sure the next time he would ask to see a slice of the Pastrami.

                    Glad to know that novey is $25 at Fairway, one opening up here in a few months. It will be interesting to see if their smoked salmon cuts it on a bagel.

                    1. re: jfood

                      You are lucky, I have to drive about an hour each way to get to my Fairway, but it's worth it. They have quite a selection of smoked salmon and lox, I'm thinking mostly in the $20 to $25 range, and they also sell the tidbits they trim off at a very reasonable price, you see them throwing them into the little deli containers right in front of you. But I always go for the gusto!

                      I've spoken with the owners at Goldbergs and they are wonderful people, I think I saw the one brother leaving just when I got there so that's probably all it was. The last hour closing up any restaurant is torture, sometimes. I am a PIA when it comes to my deli meat being sliced thin, used to work at a deli for long enough that I'm a stickler. Maybe the regular person who slices was gone and this was the lower common denominator worker, making that last hour's pay.

                      1. re: coll

                        unless something has changed the owner of goldbergs is marty, no brothers involved as far as jfood knows.

                        1. re: jfood

                          Marty is who I know, there is someone else I see that I thought was his brother, maybe a distant relative? Or son/nephew?? The person I saw the other day wasn't Marty, but definitely looks to be in the family. Same personality too.

                          1. re: coll

                            Yeah could be. Two people with Marty's personality, :-))

          2. re: jfood

            Loved Laundry (in both of its locations) but never a big fan of Pacific East...felt it was quite overrated. Any word on what will come in there? Such a prime location.

        2. Looks like someone else is in there now and they have reverted to their old name: Spring Close House.
          Me, I am still mourning the Laundry.
          Actually, still mourning James Lane.