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Jul 10, 2010 08:56 AM

Ice Cream? Gelato?

I vaguely recall a post about ice cream. I did a search and can't seem to find much. I did see where jhopp217 suggested The Ice Cream Man:

I'm looking for ice cream or gelato (I've been to Civitello's in Little Italy . . . Eugene's in S. Springs has not opened in their new location yet . . .plan to try Appian Way's fig gelato when I get there for dinner). NOT Stewart's or Hershey's or Friendly's where the labels read more like medicine than ice cream. Getting by on Haagen-Dazs "Five" for now . . .

Any suggestions?

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  1. For gelato, I remember someplace in Bronxville being recommended, and maybe Mount Kisco. I haven't tried Sal's in Mamaroneck.

    For ice cream -- well, nowhere. Longford's is overpriced and underserved. Some folks like the paleterias in Westchester. Meh.

    There are no old fashioned knock your socks off old fashioned ice cream places that give very large portions for which I'd pay decent money in lower Westchester. Perhaps there are elsewhere.

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      Looking closer to the Capital Region (Albany/Schenectady/Troy/Saratoga Springs). Just remembered Villa Italia in Schdy for gelato.

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          No worries. My apologies, I wasn't clear.

          PS The Westchester topic got me thinking :)

    2. See if you can find a store that sells (usually by the scoop) Jane's Ice cream, out of Kingston NY. So far, it's the best that I've found. Ran into it at a small "country store" in Valetie; don't know if they're still there and carry it. Guess there used to be a Jane's cafe in Kingston, but it closed. I fell in love with the killer chocolate, and my sister discovered the same at a cart in mid-town Manhattan!

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          You're welcome! I keep trying to remember to call Ralphs cafe in Chatham and see if they still carry Janes. Let us know what you find, and where. By the way, although I like the Ice Cream Man on Rt. 29, it's not my favorite. However, late in August they often have cantaloupe ice cream they make with local Hand melons and it's worth a trip!

          Ice Cream Man
          RR 29, Greenwich, NY 12834

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            Reminds me of the cantaloupe ices (only in summer) at Veniero's :)

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            I'm not sure of your location but Jane's Ice cream is also available by the pint at Adam's Fair Acre Farms.

            We've also had Jane's at Woody's in Cornwall! It makes a delicious milkshake!! :)

          3. OK no where near Albany...but for the Westchesterites, a short distance to New Caanan is Geletissimo. Couple from Italy own and make everything. Really good.

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                  They also have coupons in that giveaway magazine (whose name escapes me) which make it an even better deal.

              1. Gelateria Lisa
                7 Hill St
                South end of Troy near the Red Front restaurant and DeFazios.