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Jul 10, 2010 08:41 AM

London -- St. John vs Bread & Wine, lunch vs dinner

I'm going to London next week and have time for one lunch (Monday) and one dinner (Wednesday). I would like to try St. John or St. John Bread and Wine. Which is better? Should I go to both? If so, which for lunch & which for dinner? Is there another creative restaurant I should try, or a place that's particularly good for the solo diner? (No French food, please, as I live in France.)
Thank you!

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  1. St John Bread and Wine for brunch/lunch - try the Seed Cake with a glass of sherry or the Eccles Cake with Lancashire cheese, it'll keep you going all afternoon.
    Then hit St. John in the evening for as much carnivorous goodness as you can handle!