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Jul 10, 2010 08:22 AM

Bengali Neighborhood and Restaurants

I was sitting in a car the other day on my way to the airport. I live in Brooklyn and this young guy was driving me. We started talking about where I live and where he lives and he told me how much less expensive houses are once you leave the "community".. The word community got me all excited..

I asked, what community? where are you from? where is this community? Obviously, as much it would be nice if I cared anything about his culture besides restaurants, I do not.. He starts telling me he is from Bengladesh and starts telling me about his plight and his struggles and all this really had nothing to do with restaurants..

"Yes, tough..."
, "right..... "uh huh.... your parents,"
"right, poverty"
"ok, your kids"
"Hey, sorry to interupt, but, where the hell do you eat"

Eventually, he tells me that his favorite restaurant is called Dorya and it is on the corner of McDonald and Church..

Does anyone know about this area? Know, any good places to eat there.. I have tried to look up Dorya but, have found nothing about it..

Any help would be appreciated.. I will even listen to your long drawn out issues, if you are willing to help..


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  1. I know nothing about this myself, but a recent post made brief mention of "Bengali Church Ave":

    1. I'll give it a try ASAP. It's got a Ghoroa now which took over Jhinuk. It's equivalent in Jamaica is pretty good. Bengali Church Ave (Church and MacDonald area) is extremely densely packed with a growing Sylheti community.

      168-41 Hillside Ave, Queens, NY 11432

      478 McDonald Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218

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      1. In Queens there's tons of Bangladeshis in Astoria. As for restaurants, I've had one on 34th ave right by the N tracks suggested by a cab driver.

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          Astoria has a couple of restaurants. Sietsema reviewed one of them ages ago, but they've been multiplying since. The real heartland is 169th and Hillside which has numerous supermarkets, Bengali restaurants, etc. New mosque down the block and everything.