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Jul 10, 2010 08:17 AM

Fresh & Easy stores - when will they open?

Anyone know when any Fresh & Easy stores in the Bay Area are opening? Website, FB, Twitter are useless:

Mission & Rousseau
31049 Mission Blvd.

Tasman and Fair Oaks

A and Hesperian

Middlefield & Rengstorff
Mtn View

Bird & Minnesota
1409 Bird Ave.

Jefferson & Imola

Beck ave & West Texas
649 Beck Ave.

Oakwood and Springs

Alamo & Marshall
941 Alamo Dr

Elmira & Nut Tree
615 Elmira Rd

Bird & Minnesota
1409 Bird Ave.

Almaden & Curtner
2306 Almaden Rd

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  1. That is a good question. They haven't opened any stores in Sacramento either. I posted a similar question on the chains board hoping someone in the know may know.

    1. This guy's blog has been tracking Fresh and Easy's progress since Day One, and speculates that they may open their first NorCal location in SF by the end of the year (or early 2011). It seems that the rest may continue to stay vacant until next year.

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        thanks, for some reason when I first came across it in my search I assumed it was part of Fresh and Easy so I never checked it out.

      2. The news about F&E is really contradictory.

        A few months ago, I read somewhere that they were having problems due to the downturn, and had put all their Northern California plans on hold. Then a few days ago, I read on that the Willow Glen store is only slightly behind schedule. Then I read in the paper Mercury News today that their Northern California plans are on hold.

        1. Sfgate mentioned it's coming to the SF Bay Area Early 2011:

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            No mention of the location at 32nd & Clement where the Richmond Review reported they were opening.

            1. re: baron45

              First CVS then perhaps F&E but that looks somewhat problematical

              1. re: wolfe

                Just bumping this thread up because there is now a banner up at the 32nd and Clement location (has been for about a month), although the construction progress does not look very significant.

                Even more surprisingly there will a Fresh and Easy location in Pacifica. The building has already been renovated (on the outside), but no store fixtures showing up yet. There is a big sign on the building.

                This is located in the Pedro Point strip mall, which is the last turn off in Pacifica before you head up to Devil's Slide. It's on the west side of Highway 1, right across from the larger mall that has the big Safeway.

                Great news for more shopping choices in both areas.

                Both locations are listed on the Fresh and Easy website as "now Hiring".

          2. From the website, now Hiring at these stores:
            Mtn View
            Saratoga & Payne, SJ
            Mission Blvd & Rousseau St, Hayward
            Walnut Creek
            Imola & Jefferson, Napa