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Jul 10, 2010 07:51 AM

Asian supermarket in Tel Aviv

I did a search on Google and there seems to be a Chinese grocery, but the address listed does not show up on Google maps.

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  1. There are 2 Asians store in the shuk (one in the centre, behind the stalls and one at the far end across from the park). There are also some Philipino stores in the New Central Bus station and an Asian spice store in the Levinsky Street Market. What are you looking for?

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      Sorry for my ignorance, but what do you mean by shuk?
      Nothing in particular, thought I'd go to the store and figure it out on the spot. Whichever one has the best assortment of food products.

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        The Carmel Market (Shuk HaKarmel). You must visit it if you are in TA! It's the best and least expensive place to buy fruits, vegetables, eggs, cheeses, meats, fish, lots of tourist junk, and prepared foods.

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          Gotcha. Yeah I have visited the market, though in my previous visit I didn't keep an eye out for Asian food items. I'll check it out this upcoming weekend. Thanks!

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. There is an Asian supermarket in the middle of the Carmel market (shuk) called East-West.
        They have soy sauce and other Asian sauces as well as galangal, ginger and fresh tumeric (last time I was there it was out of stock so best to call first)

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          I don't know if this question is still relevant, but the best place for Chinese grocers is on or around Newe Sha'anan St. near the central bus station. The biggest one is a place called Dragon on Rosh Pina St. just off Newe Sha'anan. This is the only place in Tel Aviv where I was able to find peanut oil.

          There are also two good Indian grocers on Levinski St. at or next to the central bus station.

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            I recently got lost around Newe Sha'anan and ended up having the greatest Asian grocery store experience. If only a fraction of that could make it's way to Jerusalem.

        2. hey guys, could you tell me if you have seen vietnamese right paper (for rice paper rolls) and other such things like vietnamese satay sauce (for pho) and sauces such as hoi sin? I live in Melbourne, Aus in the heart of every nationality and am a little frightened that certain parts of my way of eating wont be able to be met once moving to Tel Aviv.. unless i bring enough of these goods with me!!!!! Not so practical :)

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            I'd definitely prepare to adjust expectations - both in how much you'll have to pay for ingredients and what will be available. But you can find many basics. The cheapest options are around the Tel Aviv central bus station. Some others may have specific street names, but there are a few larger markets there, there's also Kingdom of Pork also which serves as a mix of a non-kosher butcher and Asian market.

            In the Shuk HaCarmel - there's also a pan-Asian/world market. If you're walking from the direction of Ben Yehuda down the hill into the market, it's a store (not a stall) on the right side. I believe it's at the corner of Rabbi Meir St and HaCarmel - but I might be off by a block or so.