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Jul 9, 2010 06:16 PM

Updated free corkage list?

I've been enjoying going out with a few friends where we each bring a bottle to share, and want to take advantage of westside to west hollywood to mid city spots where we can get free (or low) corkage.

I'm familiar with the Houston's/Gulfstream/Bandera no corkage fee policy (great!) and know that Josie and Providence have no corkage on Mondays. We went to Minestraio for their no corkage Monday (the 2nd restaurant of Gino Anglelini, where La Terza was) and enjoyed it.

Anyone know of other spots with free or low corkage nights or policies? Calling all fellow winos!! Thanks in advance!

La Terza
8384 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

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  1. This website might help. All you need to do is enter the restaurant's names, and BINGO !!

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      1. re: toitoi

        I just entered my own zip code, and up came about 10 restaurants within a 5-mile radius, and most of them charge $10, a few at $5.
        None with zero, however, even though I do know that a Patina Group restaurant nearby is zero corkage, yet the prices of everything else are so expensive that they are picking up the fee there.

      2. The Patina Group, with the exception of Patina itself, has no corkage fee.

        Patina Group
        291 W Cerritos Ave, Anaheim, CA 92805

        1. Thanks all - I played with the gobyo site too and learned of some spots. If anyone else comes across a restaurant with a "no corkage" day of the week or a particularly low corkage policy, add it here so we can keep a running list. cheers!

          1. LuLu's on Beverly, north side of street, just west of LaBrea.

            1. Roys Hawaiian is waiving corkage fees during the summer.