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Jul 9, 2010 04:25 PM

Family dinner in Philadelphia.

Returning to Philadelphia after 8 years. looking for dinner in center city for 4 adults and 2 teenagers. The teenagers are a little fussy; something like pizza on the menu as a fallback would be a plus. Chinese or Italian would work. Looking to have a good social time, so formal dining is out. Shared small plates would be great. I was thinking about Cichetteria 19. Garces restaurants might be a little adventurous for the teens. Do you folks have any thoughts?

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    1. If Mexican is an option, I'd suggest Distrito - fun atmosphere that the teens would like, small plates, and enough non-threatening food for the non-adventurous eaters (guacomole and chips; nachos, etc.)

      Rangoon in Chinatown is another option with something to please everyone.

      Stella Pizza or Zavino are also good, relaxed places where pizza is the main event, but it's good pizza.

      Stella Pizza
      2431 Church Rd Ste 1, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

      1. Le Virtu on Passayunk Ave. might fill the bill. Great Pizza, great mixed appetizers, relaxed atmosphere, outdoor dining if you wish Adults would love it; teens could eat pizza or pasta.

        1. Second for Zavino, that was my first thought. Banana Leaf in Chinatown also might be a good thought. I don't think I've heard too much about it on these boards, but I always love it there. The cuisine is technically Malaysian, but it serves sushi, some "safe" but very good noodle dishes, and then a variety of more adventurous eats as well. It is casual and noisy, but is good for groups and is byob.

          1. I recommend Villa de Roma. Great classic Italian food in the heart of the Italian Market. There will be no problem with your teenagers either. Definitely NOT a formal or stuffy atmosphere either. You won't be disappointed.