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Dave & Busters Food.

Is Dave & Busters food good.? (Specifically in white flint & arundel mills)
Some compare it to TGI Fridays.
Im going for my birthday & wondering if I should eat there too?

Dave & Busters
7000 Arundel Mills Cir Ste D1, Hanover, MD 21076

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  1. No, it's pretty horrible. I had a chicken breast once that was pure gristle, but at least the manager was nice enough to comp it for me.

    Also yes, this is a chain and belongs on the chain board.

    1. Think Chuck E Cheese but for adults.


      1. It is disgusting. If I was at AM for a meal, I'd go to Duclaw.

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          I have had it 4 times since our work always wants to hold some type of work function there. You could get a better meal out of a lean cuisine. Serious.

          1. re: Liveitloud

            True, but at Arundel Mills, the options are pretty bleak anyway. Duclaw does have specials that are good from time to time though.

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              Every bit as bad here on the West Coast. You are better off at the food court in the mall.

        2. appetizers and alcohol.... those would be my picks

          1. I got a steak there once that was pretty good. Everything else has been awful though.

            1. maybe i am a plebian but they have a salmon dish that i really like

              1. It was a couple of years ago, 8 of us went for a birthday dinner.... no one really enjoyed their meal. Desserts were OK.

                1. If there are other options in the area, they will be better. The food and drink offerings are similar to a TGI Friday's, yes. They are also similar in that you want to stick as close to traditional bar food as possible, i.e. appetizers and maybe a burger or chicken sandwich. It will come from a freezer bag, but at least you know it's going to be just plebeian instead of downright awful.

                  1. Every time that friends want to go to Dave & Buster, I always end up with a flop somehow. So far out of all the times I have been, only drinks and desserts have been good. But if it wasn't the food, it was the service. I now only go for a drink and to be a big kid again with friends.