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Jul 9, 2010 03:38 PM

Restaurant rec PLEASE?

5 of my friends are coming into the city for my bachelorette party tomorrow night. I need a restaurant that actually TAKES reservations and isn't prohibitively expensive. And has availability for 5 people for tomorrow night. I know this is a tall order. I live in Chelsea, but it can be west or east side. Would like to keep it downtown though. (Nothing in the upper anythings). Anybody?

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  1. It would be helpful to have additional specifics such as cuisine preference(s), and exactly what "isn't prohibitively expensive" means to you, i.e., per person budget for food only (drinks, tax & tip additional). That said...

    A quick check of OpenTable shows that Allegretti, one of our favorites, has a reservation available for 6 people at 6:30 and 8:00. The Proven├žal cuisine is delicious, service is excellent, and the ambiance is lovely. In addition to the a la carte menu, which I consider to be moderately-priced, they offer a 3-course dinner prix fixe for $39, an excellent value for food of such high caliber.

    Allegretti photos here:

    There are plenty of other options listed on OpenTable. So, you might want to go there and check the possibilities out for yourself.

    Best wishes on your upcoming nuptials.

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      I knew I would get a "please clarify" question. I just didn't want to be overly-specific to start out.

      Its a bunch of girls who (likely) will eat salad or small plates or something like that (I, on the other hand, tend to prefer heartier fare), and tend towards plenty of lady-friendly drinking availability (though I would love to do an evening devoted to rye whiskey or something equally food-nerdy, I don't think its exactly their cup of tea).

      Price wise, I was just trying to avoid $30+ per entree type places. We're all in our mid to late 20's, so we would prefer to avoid a frat scene or an old-folks home.

      1. re: babydoctor

        Well, it's more useful to have as much info at the beginning in order to avoid suggesting places that are not a good fit.

        I think Allegretti would work quite well menu-wise. There are small plates and salads for the girls who want that while you can indulge in the main plates' heartier fare. Though it gets a mixed-ages clientele, it isn't overly populated with twenty-somethings.

        Recette, on the other hand, definitely skews to your age group. (No frat scene.) Despite the restaurant's name, which is the French word for "recipe," the cuisine is Contemporary American. It is seriously delicious! There are small plates and large plates -- though even the large plates are not huge. Good wine list. Excellent service. It's a small, cozy place but has a buzzy vibe.

        Recette photos here:

    2. i'm gonna take some heat for this, but consider Spice Market. i know it's not a board-favorite, nor is it mine, but it might be good for your event.

      the space is done up nicely, the menu allows each guest to eat as much or as little as she wants, the food isn't so heavy that you'll feel stuffed at the end of your meal, and it's in a great neighborhood. i had a birthday party for five there and everyone loved it. they have private rooms which we were able to get into at no additional cost or food/drink minimum.

      Spice Market
      403 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10014

      1. Go to Kittichai in Soho. It also has availability according to opentable. See if you can get upstairs to the rooftop for drinks after. It's perfect for a ladies night out. Have a great time!

        60 Thompson St, New York, NY 10012