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Jul 9, 2010 02:37 PM

The Taco Truck (and restaurant) / Hoboken

Just read about this place for the first time (via Tasting Table) and haven't heard about it before...anyone familiar with the place/food?

*And yes, BIZARRE that I logged on to post this and there's another new post about what appears to be A taco truck in Lakewood--but this isn't that. :-)

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  1. Curiz....thats is funny :).......please report back if & when you try YOUR Taco


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    1. Well, I can now answer my own question...this food is REALLY good. Went today with a friend who is Mexican/American and was raised in Texas. HE declared it authentic, I declared it worth additional trips. :-)
      We shared the esquites, something I'd never had before but having read about the dish on their site, I was anxious to try. Crazy flavorful, and the surprise to me was that this was more of a soup than a side dish. LOVED it.
      We also tried both the chorizo and carnitas tacos, sharing each. The carnitas were the clear winners of the two, but the chorizo was still worth having. My pal pointed out that this wasn't Mexican chorizo (not dark/spicy enough), but he liked it too. The (soft) tacos are small and my first thought was that we'd need to order more, but as it turned out, we had plenty of food.
      Chips and guac were also more than your average, and the horchata was full of strong cinnamon and very refreshing--as it should be.
      The design of the place and the green (LEED certified, according to their site) attitude definitely add to the overall vibe; good stuff indeed!
      Lunch for two: just under $22.

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        Thanx for the review .....the menu looks almost like the taco truck I went to in Lakewood NJ...only thing they were $2.50 each...vs $4.50....I'm glad you enjoy your meal.

      2. Have been eating at the Truck since it opened last year. Excited to have an actual permanent spot now to grab tacos when ever and not just during a few hours M-F. The restaurant has more options like the Tamales. Great and very filling! The Plantains are out of this world. Never had them with a sauce, but TTT offers a sort of dulce de leche gooey awesomeness on them.
        Service is fast, space(all be it new) is vibrant and clean and modern, love the serving ware you get for the food if you dine-in, very little to throw away. Love that they are so eco -conscious, more restaurants can take a page from their book!
        Cant wait to go back! Grab some fish tacos to go and grab some NJBC beers and enjoy an awesome and very filling dinner!! Thanks TT see you soon!

        1. Awesome joint. I always get the fish tacos. Very fresh ingredients. Really hits the taste buds.

          1. Stopped in for the first time around 7pm last night an it was hopping. The food is great and I can see going back many more times. This particular storefront seems to have had a revolving number of tenants over the years, but I think they finally got it right this time! The only caution I will give is that if you are hungry and/or a big eater, order more than just 1 order of tacos...they are pretty small, but delicious. I had the short ribs torta (sandwich) and it was superb.

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              Can you eat in, or is it only takeout?

                1. re: roro1831

                  Yes, there are a few communal-type tables and a counter in the back with seats. The food does take a bit of time if there are a lot of people, but it's worth it.