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Jul 9, 2010 01:12 PM


Hey chowhounders! Has anyone ever checked out Wingfest?

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  1. Never been, although thanks for a great discovery as I will be hoping to go next year.

    1. Checked it out for the first time this year - almost forgot/missed it. This was the 3rd year they've done it. About a dozen vendors from around the area (Burlington - Brantford). You can buy 1/2 pound (4-5 wings) of wings for $5 and a full pound for $10. When I arrived they were announcing the winners - Sammy's Rec Room (Brantford) won best wing, Lezley's Chaps on Plain's won best Hot wing. Ended up trying Sammy's hot wings and wasn't wowed by their sauce - I much preferred the 5 Alarm Hot sauce, but that's just me. Loooove Chap's wings! I've often taken a trip to Lezley's Chap's on plains for the wings. Wish they would promote this event more.

      Lezley's Chaps
      355 Plains Rd W, Burlington, ON L7T1G6, CA