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Jul 9, 2010 12:27 PM

Good Canadian Style Chinese Food

I am looking for a decent Canadian Style Chinese Food restaurant that delivers. So far the places we have tried have not been to our liking....the food tastes like it has been cooked in dirty woks. YUK

I live in the Don Mills Wynford Drive area. We order from Congee Star sometimes and they are pretty good,,,,Congee Queen doesn't deliver but I am looking for CANADIAN style...sometimes we crave what we call Chinese junk food.....

Congee Star
900 Don Mills Rd, Toronto, ON M3C1V6, CA

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  1. If you stay away from the soup, Sea Hi (don't laugh) on Bathurst south of Wilson has some of the best chicken balls and chicken chow mein around. Tasty Chinese on Eglinton is also pretty good.

    Tasty Chinese Restaurant
    997 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M6C2C7, CA

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      It's a bit of a hike, but Golden Hoy in Richmond Hill might fit your bill. It's our secret guilty pleasure - S&S chicken, egg rolls, etc. We especially like their "Family Dinner for 4" - 4 egg rolls, BBQ wings, Beef w/ veg almond, S&S chicken, chicken fried rice and chow mein. We always substitute their Cantonese chow mein for the standard chicken chow mein, which is $4 extra. For $30 plus tax (pick up), it's a lot of food. On Yonge St, just north of Major Mac, in Richmond Hill. 905.884.1851 goldenhoy.com

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        YUMMMM!!! We have ordered takeout from Golden Hoy many times when visiting my son who lives in Richmond Hill.We love it and wish they had a location near us at Don Mills Rd. and Wynford Dr. (Eglinton Ave.) area.

    2. I know it's out of your way and there's probably better closer to you, but if you're ever out in east Scarborough or Pickering I recommend Paul Wong's on Kingston Road at Rougemount Ave. in Pickering. They do takeout and dine-in.


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        Ive always been a fan of Holima's, located on Lawerence, just east of Vic Park, in a plaza on the north side of the street. I dont know if people have had issues with the place, but ive been going there since I was a kid and my Grampa worked there as a delivery guy when he was young. This is the place I go when I want to order a wide variety of Chinese Canadian type food, like Beef/Brocolli, different fried rices(chicken, beef, pork, special), chow mein, fried shrimp, chicken and mushrooms, honey garlic spare ribs, cantonese noodles, pepper beef, and my favorite little pleasure; Lobster Sauce with fried wontons to use to dip!

        All I know is i love the food there, even if its from some little hole in the wall chinese food place, I love it!

        Another place I go to on occasion is a place called Mulans, located in Flemingdon plaza, on Don Mills South of Eglinton, in the plaza with the McDonalds. From this place I usually order a takeout combo, usually beef and brocolli on fried rice, or some other combo. Decent prices, tasty food, good for a once in a while treat!

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          I grew up in the area and I definitely remember (and recommend) Holima's. Thanks for bringing back some memories!

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            We used to order from Mulans all the time but since it changed hands a couple of years ago we have been disappointed with the food. Maybe we should give it another try.

            One of favourited dishes is shrimp in lobster sauce...we like it thick and garlicy...LOL

            I have heard of Holimas but never tried them.....will do that soon. Thanks.

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              I cant say ive been to Mulans when the old owners were there so I couldnt tell you if its any different, but the food is decent anyways. I only really order from them once in a bluemoon, just a meal combo if anything, although ive ordered the wings and shrimp on their own too. The wings were tasty, albeit a little greasy on the aftertaste, but they were good. The shrimp had too much breading, not good.

              Ill have to order the shrimp in lobster sauce from them, im sure its great. Their egg rolls are ok too.

              Both Holima's and Mulans should both deliver to Don Mills and Wynford drive area. Just make a point to grab a menu from the locations when you are in the area. Also, im not sure about Mulans, but Holima's gives a 10% discount on pick-up orders.

        2. You are looking for a Canadian-style Chinese food restaurant that delivers to the Don Mills & Eglinton area... I can't actually think of any other choices, given those parameters. If you want to eat out, I recommend Yen Ching Palace at Bayview Village mall, or C'est Bon (2 locations on Yonge near Eglinton).

          C'est Bon
          2685 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4N2H8, CA

          Yen Ching Palace Restaurant
          2901 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M2K1E6, CA

          1. Is Helena's still around? They delivered to York Mills and Don Mills. It was pretty tasty IIRC.

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              Oriental on Yonge. It is located just south of the Loblaws on Yonge and Yonge. Great delivery. Best that I have had in the area. C'est Bon does not compare to this place.

              C'est Bon
              2685 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4N2H8, CA

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                Do you think Oriental is going to deliver to Don Mills & Eglinton? How is it for eat-in?

            2. Downtown, the Chinese take out place on the lower level of the St. Lawrence Market makes reliable Canadian-style Chinese, along with a few more authentic dim sum items. Until a few weeks ago it was called the Chinese Deli but they've just renovated a bit and renamed themselves Yip's, after the very personable owner/operators Ryan and Melinda. They have a great black been "sole" (actually made from various whitefishes depending on availability, but always good). Their BBQ pork is excellent. Their General Chou's chicken and fried rice brings back fond memories of the non-authentic Canadian Chinese food of my suburban Toronto childhood.


              And speaking of the suburbs, for those who find themselves in the Great White North the 4 Seasons on Main St. in Newmarket is still the benchmark by which I judge all other chicken balls and fried rices. Been there a good 30 years and hasn't slipped a bit based on my last sampling a few months ago.