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Jul 9, 2010 12:22 PM

Travelling to Lima - did recs, PLEASE

Well, like the title says.

I heard a lot of good things about the food seen in peru and was wondering if I could get recs to restaurants in Lima. It doesn't matter if it's fancy or a whole in the wall, only stipulation is that the place serves great regional food!

Thanks guys!

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  1. My favorite restaurants in Lima I never fail to go when I visit, in this order.

    Restaurante Rafael

    Astrid and Gaston

    La Gloria

    Enjoy your trip.

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    1. re: Quimbombo

      thank you for the quick reply. Sorry for my ignorance but, will I be able to get by with English in these restaurants?

      Are there dishes you would recommend as "must haves" and what is their signature dishes?

      1. re: excel

        I think you will do OK with English. Peru has become very tourist friendly.

        Peru has wonderful cuisine. Peruvians excel at ceviches and fish dishes and you cannot go wrong with this. My favorite of all favorites is their grilled octopus, perfection. Their seafood stews <chupe> are delicious and quite filling, And since Peru gave the world the potato they do magic with it.

        I found llama tough and 'gamey'. And should you see cuy in any menu keep in mind it is guinea pig, the one kids here in the US keep as pets.

        If you look at the links provided you can begin to get an idea of the offerings.

    2. I've done a little more research and have devised a list of "must go" restaurants in Lima. However, only one restaurant on this list could be described as "cheap eats". What do you think about this list, and what could be deleted/added? Thanks!!

      - Cebicheria la Mar
      -Mi Causa
      -El Rinconcita de Chela
      -Las Brujas de Cachice
      -La Gloria
      -Pescados Capitales

      Also, are empanadas more famous in Cuzco? Or can you get great ones in Lima, too?

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      1. re: excel

        You are correct that the only cheap eat on that list is El Rinconcito de Chela. However, if this is your first visit to Lima, I would skip this one. I was the person who recommended it on Chowhound before and it is great, but it is really out of the way and not in a great neighborhood.

        If you want cheap but still good, my recommendation would be for Punto Azul on Calle San Martin 595 at the corner of Alcanfores in Miraflores. Good quality food at good prices. In my opinion, their causa (yellow potato pie) with either crab or shrimp is one of the best causas in Lima. They also do very good conchitas a la parmesana (baked scallops with cheese). I also love their arroz con mariscos (seafood rice).

        On your list, I would also recommend Francesco as certainly being worth the money. It is probably double (or almost three times) as expensive as Punto Azul but the quality really is there and it is worth it.

        1. re: aatkin

          A must try also is "Chifa" chinese food and sushi. For sushi I loved Hanzo. While in Lima stop by Wong, one of Lima's most popular grocery stores, that's one way to really get to know the culture.