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Jul 9, 2010 11:03 AM

The Best Touristy

People are always looking for non touristy when they visit New York...I want to know, what are the best touristy places to eat?

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  1. How would you describe "touristy"? Do you mean places that are renowned for their popularity and restaurants that are always cited in NY magazines, TV shows/movies, and tourist guides as "must try"? If that is the case I would say there are still some famous places that hold up to their name.

    Peter Luger Steakhouse in Brooklyn- Those who are regular readers of my posts know my affection for Peter Luger. It is definitely deserving of all of it's hype and without a doubt the best steak you will ever eat (and I have eaten at all of em!).

    Katz Deli in Lower East Side- For some reason people have been putting it down a lot lately, especially some of the older posters who swear that it was better back in the 70's or 80's. Being one of the younger posters, I can only go by my recent experience and it was absolutely unequivocally amazing. The best pastrami and brisket sandwiches on the planet AFAIC!

    Lombardi's Pizza- I may take some flack for this but I still think they do a very good pizza. Is it the best I have ever had? No, but I think it is definitely tasty indeed. Especially the mushroom and spinach and the white pie.

    Those are just a few quick ones off the top of my head. If I think of some more I will respond back. That said, I agree that MOST of the "tourist traps" are just that and should be avoided. At one time or another they may have been good at what they did but most of the time the hype and popularity leads to them losing their edge for greatness.

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      I had to look up what AFAIC means...does that make me old?
      I second steakrules85 on Katz's and Luger.
      I would add to that Junior's in Brooklyn, and Carmine's in Times Square.