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Jul 9, 2010 10:42 AM

Dinner recs for Wilmington

Hi, looking for a rec for dinner in Wilmington. We're going to a show at Thalian Hall, so nearby would be great. I've looked at Elijah's and the location looks wonderful, how's the food? Also, we have a non-seafood eater in the group, so I like to find places that offer more than a steak for the poor ocean-phobic diner. Other than that, we like all sorts of cuisines and price ranges. Thanks!

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  1. Circa 1922 is a block away open for dinner and serves outstanding cuisine including a Tapas menu, lamb, pork loin and duck breast along with some great appetizers and pasta but there some Sushi. Get your friend some fried green tomatoes and the duck breast. Caprice Bistro is a French Bistro serving dinner nightly in a casual atmosphere. There's duck, chicken and lamb for your friend. Caprice is a block from your location. Have a nice trip.

    Circa 1922 @ 8 North Front St., Wilmington, NC 910 - 762 - 1922.

    Caprice Bistro @ 10 Market St., Wilmington, NC 910 - 815 - 0810.

    Circa 1922
    8 N. Front St., Wilmington, NC 28401