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Jul 9, 2010 10:25 AM

Pulled Pork - How long will it keep in a slow cooker?

I cooked a pork shoulder over night and just pulled it apart and added bbq sauce and set my slow cooker on warm. I don't want it to be ready until later today for when our guests come over. How long can it keep in the slow cooker? Should I cool it down and refrigerate it and then warm it back up later or keep it on warm all day?

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  1. Pulled pork does extremely well when refrigerated and then heated up again later.

    I would not "store" the meat in the slow cooker. If you lower the temperature enough that you're no longer cooking it, you have to worry about food poisoning. If you don't lower it enough, you'll cook the crap out of it, and have mushy paste pulled pork (or if you let it dry out, you'll have pork biscuit).

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      Even before it becomes a 'pork biscuit' you may burn a bit on the bottom which will give a really unpleasant taste to the meat. I have stopped doing chicken dishes in my slow cooker because of the unpleasant burnt taste. I usually run it during the work day and the 10 hours between when I leave and when I get back is too long to run it.

      Best to refrigerate then reheat.

    2. Yeah, it'll come out better if you refridgerate then reheat it. Don't keep it in the slow cooker that long - it'll kill the meat.

      1. With that time frame I would keep it on warm - my warm keeps the food above 140 degrees. By trying to cool it and reheat it you would be taking it through the 40-140 danger zone twice in such a short time. Plus it would cause the temp in your fridge to rise possibly endangering other foods. I would just continue to check it to see if it needs more liquid.

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          Does anyone have a good recipe for pulled pork? I tried it a couple of times but it was dry and tasteless. I'm not a vinegar fan so I prefer not to have a vinegar based sauce. Thanks.

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            I pressure cook a pork butt, 50 minutes and let it cool in the pc. to avoid dryness. Then pull it without any sauce, I sauce it when reheating. Part gets BBQ sauce and part gets
            chili colorado for tacos. Almost forgot, put a whole onion. a head of garlic and some
            bay leaves in the pc.

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              Bomb Proof good recipe for pulled pork for many applications

              5# pork butt cut diagnal hatch marks 3 inches deep so the pork is still connected at the bottom Place in pan deep enough to fully cover the pork without touching the top even best if you have a false bottom rack so the pork doesnt touch the bottom but this isnt nessasary.

              If using a false bottom add enough water to just touch the bottom of the pork if not using on just fill pan about 3 inches add 2oz of liquid smoke, cover with foil and cook in 350 degree oven for 4 hours (if you have a pan capable of heating on the burner first bring to a boil before placing in oven and it will only take 3 hours) remove pork from pan and pull season after pork is pulled

              I said this can be used for many applications cause I do it this way for BBQ pork and add bbq sauce at the end, for kalua pork I add 1 cup of soy sauce and 2 TB of ginger to the water before braising it and for tamales is throw in roasted pablano and serrano chiles and cumin, it freezes very nice as well I make 10# a month and freeze it in 1# portions for later use.

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                Do you think this would work in a crock pot?

                1. re: dream_of_giusti

                  I dont work with crockpots too much but Im sure it would work fine just may need to cook a little longer