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Boca Wings & Ribs - new ownership & going to be a serious BBQ

I've never been to the restaurant before so I have nothing to compare it to, but thought I'd share this article.


According to Florida Table:

"Now come some serious changes at Boca Wings & Ribs (2257 N. Federal Hwy., Boca Raton, 561/391-9110). Former Pranzo chef Mark Uffer and partner Erik Frasco have taken over the modest strip mall space with the intent of “educating people as to what authentic barbecue really is,” according to Uffer.

To that goal the pair has brought in a custom-made smoker from Missouri capable of slow-cooking 2,000 pounds of meat at once over a mix of hickory and oak, as well as a wood-fired grill made in Texas for the restaurant. The new menu isn’t fully in place, but they’re already turning out St. Louis and baby back ribs, beef brisket, pork shoulder and wings, all tweaked with their own special blend of 19 different spices. There’s more in the works too, including house-made sausages."

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  1. Having all of the best equipment means nothing if they don't utilize it correctly. Shorty's on PGA has large expensive smokers but you can barely tell from their Q. However, we will see if they will be educating people properly about authentic Q.

    With Mississippi Sweets, Rib Bizz, and this place all in close proximity, somebody is not going to make it. There's also Lucillle's Bad To The Bone west on Yamato but I don't consider them competition for bbq business.

    Thanks for the info.

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      Don't forget PA on Dixie, Red's, Smokey Bones and Shorty's. More than 1/2 dozen places nearby and still no good BBQ. I really hope this new place can do it.

      1. re: Mat Josher

        I forgot Park Avenue which moved in to the old bbq place on Dixie whose name I forgot. I also forgot that Red's Backwoods had a location in Boca and the Palm Beach Gardens location is better than any Park Avenue. Smokey Bones is still in biz? I thought they closed them down. Their q is smoked in the 'q factory' and then cryovac packed and shipped to the restos. None of the locations actually smoke their meat on site. How sad.

        Yes, way too many bbq joints to make it although most people are 'economizing down' their dining habits to places like these.

        Boca Wings & RIbs suggests they are more into wings than bbq, so maybe the new owners, name change, and new equipment will be the right formula. I'm ready to be educated....hehe.

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          "the old bbq place on Dixie whose name I forgot."

          That location has had a checkered past. The last inhabitant was Bucky's BBQ, before that it was a sandwich shop and before that, Tom's BBQ.

          1. re: Alfred G

            Don't forget Dwayne Wade's place! LOL

            The place is cursed, I swear!

            1. re: OysterHo

              On a semi-related note, 'Bucky" Buckner, who operated Bucky's BBQ, which became the ill-fated D Wade's place, is now the GM at the Copper Canyon in Boca, probably saving that operation for a while.

          2. re: freakerdude

            I checked out PA recently and was not nearly as disappointed as I expected to be. The chicken was moist and the collards were tasty. My friends pulled beef was dry, though.

            I would go back, mostly because it is nearby.

            1. re: Mat Josher

              I consider PA to be just grilled meat with bbq sauce on it. It's really nothing more than what you can do on your own grill at home. A smoker or smoking process is non existent.

              The sides are decent and the chicken is pretty good, as you said. Ribs, pork, brisket, and beef are not so great.

              1. re: freakerdude

                I think that comment accurately describes almost all of the BBQ places in the area, not just PA.

      2. A change may do them good. When I went in March, the service was very slow, the food average.
        Sounds like they still have what they had on the menu before, including the two styles of ribs.

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          Like my friends here....I continue to try BBQ restaurants......I guess its a fetish of mine....But the disappointment continues......I went to The Salt Lick outside of Austin, TX a few weeks back and that was the best restaurant BBQ I had ever eatent.....On youtube Man vs Food Salt Lick......But I digress....and head to my Big Green Egg smoker and 16 hours of bliss......


        2. Went to Boca wings-n-ribs today And while I am not A BBQ expert by any means I do know what I like and they seem to have it. I order the babyback's for lunch and they were tender and smokey like I like. There was a nice smoke ring around the meat it was fall of the bone which I understand is not competition style but I do not care I like it anyway. They have brisket smoked as well as St.Louis style ribs,pulled pork and I spoke with one of the owners they are going to start brining and smoking wings and whole chickens as well. The sauce was good as was the baked beans lots of bacon and I swear I saw onions in it really some of the best beans I have had in a long time.So I say to you give them a try in this tighten economy it is hard to go out that's why we are all here to share our opinions enjoy

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          1. Dropped in today with 4 co-workers for lunch. They only had 1 table left open and the bar. The bar fiiled up before we left and it was full inside. They have a pretty loyal customer base it seems. This place is kind of old inside so I hope they renovate it a bit.

            3 ordered the wings and said they were worth coming back for. Myself and another had the bbq platter which was baby backs, brisket, and pork with 1 side and a cornbread/cake kind of thing. Pork was average and pre-sauced, so it wasn't a hit with me. Brisket was sliced and cubed and had no bark, rub, or fat on it. It did have a nice smoke ring but it was a bit dry. They definitely need to work on the brisket. It should be served with the fat layer intact and sliced against the grain, not sliced and cubed as if your mom pre-cut it for you when you were a kid. I see only one reason to do this.

            Ribs were the best thing I had there as far as the meats go. They were oversauced with their regular dark sauce and fall off the bone. FOTB isn't a negative for me but it's not a plus either. I think most ppl feel that if they are FOTB, then they were cooked right. They had a medium smoky flavor and were probably some of the better baby backs I have had recently. Two sauces were average and the mustard was a bit better. Neither had any kick.

            Baked beans were really good and had a bit too much garlic in them. Onions, bacon, and some other doctoring made them much better than they typical plain old canned beans that other places offer. Cornbread was a dense slice almost like a cake. It had either jalapenos or green pepper in it...not sure.

            Ok, so I had my expectations set really high for this place after readint the article. I was expecting some thick pulled pork pieces with a good rub bark but it was more finely shredded pork with sauce premixed in. Brisket was plain jane forgettable but a nice smoke ring. What good is the ring if you cut off all of the flavor? Ribs were good and all of the meats had a medium smoke flavor.

            I don't feel they are really educating anyone about bbq. Well, maybe those who think Lucille's, Park Ave, or Mississippi Sweets is real bbq.

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            1. re: freakerdude

              Cubed brisket!? Ack!

              What a shame that no one down here can make a fantastic bbq brisket. I have friends from AZ who compete all over the country and have won tons of awards and the pictures of their brisket are to die for. I fear i'll never get to eat one like that as they don't compete down here. :(

              Thanks for your review though.

              I've posted a pic of said fantastic brisket so in case the owners log on here, they can SEE what it's supposed to look like! (Photo from Rhythm 'N Que BBQ Team Award Winning Brisket)

              1. re: OysterHo

                I know the new owners of this place really well. They have not really started doing all of the new items yet and they are still working on things that are being served now. I know that they are renovating the place as it is old. I would definitley say that you guys should continue to try them because once they are fully up and running you will be extremely surprised.
                As far as the pork and brisket go, I know they are going to change the way the brisket is cut and they are also going to pull the pork to order and in bigger chunks. They want people to really enjoy the "bark" because we all know that is where the true flavor is.

                1. re: BBQ Nut

                  Went back to check out the new Smokehouse. The inside was remodeled a bit and it was quite busy. Yes, they have added a lot of BBQ items to the menu. There are many combos available to choose from. Ribs, 1 side, and drink special was $10.

                  St. Louis ribs were good and fall of the bone just as they claim. These were smoked decently and are now in my top 3 for existing BBQ joints. They are served with sauce on them but have it cooked on instead of right from the bottle. As I always say, more smoke would be nice. I want to taste the smoke without question. The smell of smoke should permeate your hands for hours after the meal.

                  They have 4 sauces and the House and St. Louis were fairly plain and not much different from each other for some reason. The chipotle is very vinegary and not much chipotle flavor. The Carolina was the best by far. I think the other 3 need some work on them. Mac n cheese was really good, served in a mini cast iron skillet with some crunchy topping. The poblano cheddar cornbread from my last visit is very good.

                  Best BBQ in Boca so far but needs more smoke flavor please!

            2. OK, BBQ is my passion. When I travel, I try to find different BBQ restaurants. I went with a group of old High School friends last night and I do not think anyone was disappointed. I started to talk to Marc the owner and pit master. Once he knew that I knew something about real BBQ, he invited me out back to see the smoker.

              There were six of us, and between talking, drinking and catching up on old times we all finally placed our order. The pitmaster platters came out and were huge. Both style ribs St Louis and Baby back were meaty, tasty, moist and fell off the bone. The pulled pork did not even need extra sauce. The brisket slices were thick and had a nice outside bark. The smoked Chicken wings were nothing to sneeze at either. The platters were so big that we all brought home doggie bags. We were not rushed, and I know when I am back in the area, I will make this a "Must Stop "

              IMO the only thing that that they need to work on are the sauces offered.

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              1. re: teddybare

                I'm going to give this place a try....but I'm not partial to meet falling off bones...that ain't BBQ....Meat gently tugging away from the bones is!....But I'm a gonna try it!....Hope it's what YOU say it is.....

                Ft. Pierce, FL

              2. A lengthy interview with the owner - this man is clearly OBSESSED with BBQ!


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                  They are already planning for another possible resto in the future. I think they may have already outgrown their smoker with the catering biz they do. I find it unusual that there are about 4 local competitors in the immediate area. Smokehouse should do well.

                  1. re: CFByrne

                    This interview was with the chef/kitchen manager. The owners are Erik and Mark. Mark is actually the owner/culinary director. Sam is in charge of day to day kitchen operations. And yes, we are all very obsessed with the bbq that we serve.

                    1. re: CFByrne

                      mmmmm brisket in Boca! Yay!!! Must go try them out!

                    2. Very good ribs for lunch today. 1/2 slab St. Louis, 1 side, and drink was 10 something. The ribs were perfectly smoked, moist, and pulled apart very nicely with some great flavor. Poblano cheddar corn bread was a bit dry but the sweet butter they give you is good on it. Sides like mac n cheese, red onion smashed potatoes, etc. are served in mini skillets. The bbq burger cooked over the wood fired grill was said to be pretty good and these are decent size burgers. Fried mushrooms are pretty good and I would like to try the onion rings.

                      The chipotle sauce has more flavor and is not as vinegary as it was. The carolina sauce.and chipotle are my favorite 2 while the house and st. louis are pretty plain and clean tasting flavor wise. I wished I had more room at lunch to try one of their many pit combos, usually 3 meats, 2 sides, and poblano cheddar cornbread. They had a good sized crowd for lunch today.

                      1. FYI - the original location on US-1 has closed and they are only operating out of the new location on Yamato and 441. Some co-workers dropped by the original location to find it closed today.


                        West Boca Raton
                        9908 Yamato Rd
                        Boca Raton, Fl 33434

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                          1. re: freakerdude

                            Boo hiss. So much for great Q in East Boca.

                            If I have to go to 441 I might as well just drive to Texas.

                            Well, almost. :-)

                            1. re: CFByrne

                              We went last night. I ordered a combo platter with St. Louis ribs, pulled pork, and the brisket. I went in with the attitude "I don't WANT or LIKE pulled pork, but it's the only combo platter with both ribs and brisket so I'll suffer through it."

                              I have to say that the pulled pork was my favorite. It wasn't swimming in BBQ sauce like so many people and places do to their pulled pork. I loved it with no sauce, it was perfect.

                              The ribs were good, but I think someone had a heavy hand with the dry rub. They were kind of salty and as a result, slightly on the dry side. Slightly. Through the saltiness, I did like the smoke and dry rub flavor though.

                              The brisket was the biggest disappointment. It was dry. Bone dry. I'm sorry, but why should a great smoked brisket be dry? The taste was good, it held so much promise, but not a sliver of fat to be found and I think that could have helped. If you scroll up to a pic of BBQ brisket perfection I had posted, you will see some juice.

                              I hope the owners see this because I won't order it again until I hear that they have fixed this. I find it unacceptable and I'm sure that if anyone else had gone there and ordered that, they would judge the restaurant on dry brisket. Why is it ok? LOL, someone please tell me?? IMO, it seems that it was smoked too long and had no fat for protection. Owners... fix it!!!

                              Sides: I had mac n cheese and sauteed veggies. My bf had the collard greens and mashed potatoes. All the sides were delicious. No complaints at all. I hate collard greens, but I kind of liked his. That speaks volumes. The cheddar poblano corn bread was good, kind of dry (I expect that), but they served it with a honey butter that was very good.

                              Our server and the manager were outstanding. They do care about their product and service.

                              Anyway, here is my platter. It arrives on a huge cutting board and this trio cost $15.95. I have so many leftovers, it's sick! :)

                              1. re: OysterHo

                                Funny because I was this -> <- close to going here last night, we were out at Morikami and left early when the skies started opening up... but we ended up getting Indian takeout from Bombay instead.

                                I've not had the brisket so cant comment on that. But I agree on the excellent sides and the portion - we got two platters and pretty much took home enough for another two full meals. Of course who cares if the food is not good - but ours was excellent.

                                1. re: CFByrne

                                  The skies, I know! We were driving there, watching massive bolts of lightening and I thought I was nuts and there was no way I was going to walk out of my car in this weather. I didn't walk, I RAN!

                                  It's too bad you didn't go, would have been fun to run into you! :) However, Indian food sounds good too! Wish Steven would eat it :\

                                  So yes, the next time you go, skip the brisket. lol

                                2. re: OysterHo

                                  I was there the night before you (Aug 12). I also had the same combo you had. My first impression was, "Boy, this is alot of food for $15.95". I, too, found the brisket dry but tasty. I was surprised to find the pulled pork also dry. It had a nice amount of bark on it and came to life with a little BBQ sauce. The St. Louis ribs were very good. Sides were mac n cheese (very good) and grilled corn on the cob. They offer the corn either grilled or steamed. Unfortunately, what I got was steamed corn with some grill marks. Nevertheless, it is corn season and it's hard to screw it up. The cheddar poblano corn bread was good especially with the honey butter. Of course I had to ask for a take out box because the food was so plentiful. Next time there I think I will stick to the St. Louis ribs and order a full slab (only $3.00 more than a 1/2 slab) and take home the excess for another meal.

                                  1. re: Alfred G

                                    They usually have a lunch sampler for $9.99 with a drink. I just accept the dry brisket after putting one of their very good sauces on it. Cheddar poblano cornbread is typically dry. St. Louis ribs and mac-n-cheese are great.

                                    1. re: freakerdude

                                      They do have good sauce, I agree. Truth be told I'm not a huge BBQ sauce fan. After eating this two days in a row (leftovers) I'm pretty much set for another six months. lol.

                                      I guess that's why I don't want BBQ sauce on my brisket, pulled pork, or chicken. I only like it on ribs. I guess I'm not terribly open minded about BBQ. :)

                              2. re: freakerdude

                                Oh wow, I was responding to your post because I misread it. I thought that workers from the restaurant showed up there only to find it closed. Not your coworkers. That's not good, but certainly not terrible. Sorry about my misunderstanding above.

                                1. re: OysterHo

                                  I confuse easily.....this place is open for business??

                                  Ft. Pierce, FL

                                  1. re: LargeLife

                                    The east location on Federal Hwy is not open. The west location is open on Yamato and 441.

                                    I asked the manager what happened and why they closed the east side. It was supposedly only a prototype for what they were hoping to achieve when they finally opened the west side. They wanted more room as well. I'm thinking they are going to keep opening up new locations depending on their success.

                                    1. re: OysterHo


                                      "Co-founders Mark Uffer and Erik Frasco, of Wellington-based Wicked Restaurant Management LLC, decided to focus all of their efforts instead on their new 4,136-square-foot restaurant at 9908 Yamato Road, in western Boca Raton."

                                      "They plan to open locations in Palm Beach Gardens, Kendall and Pembroke Pines."

                                      1. re: CFByrne

                                        And I couldn't be any more excited about a possible PBG location opening. It's time for the other so called Q joints to get kicked to the curbs for what real smoked BBQ is.

                                        1. re: freakerdude

                                          Well FD...for as much as you love BBQ....I hope you do get that location in PBGs and it meets your expectations....As for now....my BGE is chugging away and we're eating championship level BBQ most every weekend!!.....I am looking forward to trying this place.....Based on what we have here in South Florida as BBQ restaurants go....just about anything would be a MAJOR upgrade.....

                                          Until then...can anybody pass me the Blues Hog?

                                          Ft. Pierce, FL

                              3. I have been to the West Boca Location about 5 or 6 times already, and have been very happy. I agree with the brisket was abit dry, but has a nice smokiness to it. I also happened to try their Smoked Prime Rib, and found it really flavorful, and a nice amount of smoke, and rub on it. Mac'n Cheese to me has the perfect amount of cheese/macaroni ratio. But their pulled pork....DAMN probably has to be one of the best I have had in South FLorida. You can not go wrong with ordering that. IMHO

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                                1. re: SaminSFL

                                  Went to this new West Boca location this week.

                                  We got a pulled pork sandwich (w side collard greens), plus a pulled pork + St Louis ribs combo with baked beans and mac&cheese + jalapeno cheddar corn bread.

                                  Fabulous. Pulled pork loaded with bark, as I like it. See photos attached.

                                  And of course with all the sides and hefty meat portions we had enough leftovers for lunch for two the following day.

                                  If you like BBQ at all... you owe it to yourself to check this place out.

                                2. Well, another one bites the dust, as the song says. OK, first, let's get Q out of the way. Q is made in two places: North Carolina and Texas. In NC it is pulled pork shoulder that has been pit (I mean a hole in the ground here, friends) cooked over hardwood charcoal by a pitmaster for however long he or she decides it needs. Being food, every day is different as no two pork shoulders are identical. The sauce is a mustard-vinegar-hot pepper one that is used to baste the meat while it smokes slowly. No one puts sauce on the finished product, or if they do, a teaspoon or two. In Texas, Q is beef (brisket, usually) that is smoked for about 24 hours or something and has a red ring inside the bark. Sauces vary, but staying away from the ones that taste like sugar is best. Everything else may be tasty and fun, but it ain't Q.

                                  On to this place. I have no idea who these owners and chefs are, but they ruined the best wings place in South Florida by purchasing and closing Boca Wings and Ribs, which used to be Wings and Things. Some earlier interim owners--this place seems to change hands quite often--tried messing with the wings by going to a larger size a la Hooters, but quickly switched back after they were producing wings ALMOST as horrible as Hooters, but clearly no one can do that. Anyway, they went back to making the best wings anywhere until they closed it down for good, according to this article. Now, I don't know squat about the restaurant business, but I doubt very seriously if anyone closes a business that is making money. Since I have not been by there for a while--I only get to go out for wings a few times a year these days with my schedule--I don't know what actually happened, but I do know that I will not be ordering wings anywhere now. What a shame to take a fine place and do this to it. Maybe someone in the list of former owners and workers will figure out how to buy this place back from these people and re-open it and start serving the best wings anywhere again.

                                  Oh, as for all the comments on the other supposed "Q" places in South Florida--you all are right. None of those places serves anything close to real "Q" and places like smoky bones should be shuttered on principle alone. Our crook of a governor should pass a law against false advertising by most places who advertise "Q" down here.

                                  1. "Authentic barbecue" + "19 different spices"= nope.