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Jul 9, 2010 10:10 AM

Hudson Grill in White Plains

Does anyone know if they are open and what kind of food do they serve??....I hope it's not just another bar.

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  1. Contemporary American...whatever that means.

    They're taking reservations on Open Table already, so I'm assuming they're open, but I would still call first...

    Website is not up yet though.

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      1. re: scarsdale1234

        It's been open for two weeks. Opens daily at 5:00. It is absolutely gorgeous inside. Looks nothing like the rest of the pubs on Mamaroneck. Unfortunately, because of the location, it will probably turn into a kids place. Right now good age group. Over 30 and small menu. Not cheap.

        1. re: kaaaassss

          what place replaced;; gastro pub food?

    1. I went there tonight with my wife. Really nice place, terrible service. I don't know how another gastropub clone is going to last in the stretch of the avenue where it's all pretty much clones of each other.

      The place was not even a quarter full. It's a Tuesday night. My wife and I both order identical hamburger dishes. Twenty - twenty five minutes goes by, no food. Waitress passes us a few times, says nothing

      Finally we flag her down, she says, "You didn't get your food?" I tell her we are leaving in two minutes if the food is not on our table properly.

      The manager comes over, apologizes and said there was a "mishap" bringing our food out and offers to buy our two glasses of wine. I told her fine, but we want our food out because we had to get home for our kids and this was taking far far too long. I said I wanted the food cooked the way we ordered it (medium burgers, well done fries). And I added why didn't you tell us there was a problem instead of making us wait so long? She said he just found out about the "mishap." So why didn't the waitress say something, so we knew there'd be a delay? No reply.

      The burgers came out, not cooked to the way we ordered it -- red as can be inside.

      Hudson Grille does not have its act together whatsoever. I do not see how it can survive if it can't even get two hamburgers right on a very slow Tuesday night.

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      1. re: PlasticMoonRain

        I hear you. It just seems that they build these nice looking places and hope it manages itself.

        basically it's another bar.....looking for the young bar crowds to carry seems like the same pool of people they draw from.

        1. re: wonka

          We were there last night for an early Saturday night dinner. Everything was well cooked and our service was, if anything, too eager. People kept coming over and asking us if everything was okay. I had halibut with steamed spinach (okay the fish was a tad overdone but I asked for and got extra sauce). DH had crab cakes and a steak salad. His G & T. was good and my Pinot Grigio was a a nice crisp 5 0r 6 ounces.
          The decor is warm and modern and we will try it again.
          We are def not "kids" and we saw couples in their thirties, singles and older people too.

          1. re: lucyis

            I was there this past thursday. Nice older crowd 35 and up. they do a nice happy hour from 5 to 7. All drinks $5.00 not just cheap well drinks.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I brought a group of 8 to the Hudson Grill on a sunday after a 4pm movie -- we got there around 6:30.. got a table easily but the drinks and food took over an hour to be served!! they explained that there was a private party that was taking up their kitchen and wait staff.. but hey, don't private parties need to reserve in advance, and shouldn't the restaurant prepare for that by bringing on other staff to handle the regular diners?? Ridiculous.. they kept apologizing.. and forgetting parts of our order.. Even forgot to take half the table's drink orders -- and we bought two bottles of wine (note: special half prices on all bottles on sundays.. ). When the food arrived it was wonderful but the service really was terrible... The place is beautiful and I'd like to come back again but they have to get their act together~