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Jul 9, 2010 09:49 AM

I have been getting rotten melons from Fresh Direct in every order-so rotten there is "liquid fruit" inside the rind!

I have gotten completely rotten melons in the last 3 orders from fresh direct- so rotten that they were obvious and should NEVER have been sent out in the first place. I mean the fruit felt like a balloon, like it was filled with "jelly-water" -not just a bit overripe! So rotten that when you picked them up (in my case just to throw them in the garbage) you had to handle them so carefully so as not to let your fingers go into the rotten fruit! Completely rotten! Disgusting! I order weekly and I know they credit back always. But I am fed up. I want fruit I would have chosen if I were shopping at the store. Any fruit monger- heck, an untrained stock boy- could easily have been able to tell these melons were completely rotten. It is insulting to be sent rotten fruit over and over again!
Has anyone else been getting rotten fruit also?

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  1. I rarely get fruit from Fresh Direct, but a recent order did include moldy kale. Last year I got putrid prawns. Yes, they do give you a credit without any questions, but I agree with you that this stuff should never have been sent out (particularly the shrimp, which could have made someone very ill) and does not speak well to their quality control.

    1. Isn't this something you should be taking up with Fresh Direct? What does it matter if everyone or no one was getting rotten fruit as well?

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        I have contacted them twice in past 3 weeks. While I do get the credit, nothing has changed. This website claims "Our food comes directly from farms, dairies and fisheries (not middlemen), so it's several days fresher and a lot less expensive when it gets to your table." This is clearly not true. Yes, anyone can have 1 off order, or 1 rotten produce slip through, but to get 7 Rotten Melons in THREE CONSECUTIVE WEEKLY ORDERS is not "fresher" and shows a complete disregard for their loyal customers. So I am hoping if enough people who have ALSO gotten ROTTEN FOOD POST HERE, MAYBE the quality control people at Fresh Direct will, finally, take notice and do something about it. YES, I certainly DID take it up with fresh direct first- ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGE. Hopefully we can COLLECTIVELY do what I could not do alone, although I certainly did try.

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          a friend of mine has been having the EXACT same experience lately, she also wrote them a letter and recieved credit for multiple rotten fruit deliveries. Personally Id rather go to a greenmarket for my fruit. Produce is something that should be handled.

        2. re: bookhound

          When i got the bad prawns from them I talked with a not very responsive customer service rep. I stressed that this went beyond over ripe fruiit or bad veggies since these shrimp would have sickened anyone who ate them and asked to speak woth the person in charge of their searfood dept. I was told they would get back to me, but no one ever did. Another call also elicited no response.
          So even when it's something that can cause serious health problems, they do not appear to be responsive.

          1. re: Ann900

            So the clear lesson from all of this is to buy fruit, vegetables and other perishables directly and leave the boxed stuff that can't be screwed up to Fresh Direct.

            Personally, I would never trust FD to pick out fruits or meat, etc. for me.

            1. re: ChiefHDB

              Can you help me find a good Fruit stand?
              Are there any good Fruit and Vegetable stores near York Avenue and East 90th? Not Agata (too far) or Eli's (way too expensive)- I know I walked past a nice large fruit/veg stand on 3rd or 2nd Ave about a year ago, but I can not find it again.

                1. re: sciencesdg

                  theres a place on 83rd and york thats ok. it has a really stupid name i can't think of off the top of my head

          2. My experience with FreshDirect, which I have used many, many times, is just the opposite. Perfectly fresh and ripe fruits and veggies, excellent meat, and pristine fish. On the few occasions there have been problems they have been very responsive, interested and nice.

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            1. re: City Kid

              I'm sorry to hear that the OP hasn't had luck dealing with Fresh Direct. I have to agree with City Kid - my experience with customer service has been great. I always email any issues with my orders as soon as I unpack my groceries. My emails are simple, polite and to the point and I've received a credit for EVERY mistake and/or damaged item. I purchase a lot of my fruit and vegetables from the green market. I rely on Fresh Direct's daily ratings of fresh items to help me decide if I want to purchase from them or find it myself. In general, if I've had a bad experience, I'll try once more before deciding that I'd rather find it elsewhere.

              1. re: scratch

                The FD "ratings" are a joke. Nothing but a marketing ploy. The rotten melons they sent me twice were rated "above average" and I have had poor grapes with skin so think they were inedible that were rated "very good". You can not believe the rating guide
                Yes, they always credit ma back by sending a "quick polite e-mail"- but NOTHING CHANGES! The fruit is especially "iffy" and for the prices they charge, you should expect someone not to send OBVIOUSLY rotten produce.
                Does anyone know of a good fruit monger closer to York Ave near 92? Lexington is too far to carry heavy bags of produce. I have to shop for a family. Please, I would love to be able to stop ordering produce from FD but feel stuck. I know I passed a nice large one between 3rd ave and york but can not find it.

                1. re: sciencesdg

                  How is the Farmers Market on Sunday on 92?

            2. This was standard when I used them. So I had to stop using them.

              Perishables (fruits, dairy mostly) were often half perished, or days away. I got tired of calling in for the credit, and eventually my longstanding credit with them for $26 of returned goods, vanished.

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              1. re: sugartoof

                Also, even more frustrating was the amount of items that arrived with damaged or opened packaging. It usually looked like a slash with a boxcutter, but who is going to eat cottage cheese that's been sliced open, or frozen bagels with the bag cut open?

                1. re: sugartoof

                  Vote with your dollars...if they don't provide what you want, don't use them.

              2. i would say that FD has about a 90-95% success rate. more often the fruit has been under rather than over, if something is wrong. twice i got pastrami sliced with the grain, so i don't order that anymore. everything else is usually good, in my experience